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SariBlue® was established in the spring of 2011, when Boston Artist and The Artisan Group member Sari began crafting earthy bohemian style jewelry with a bit of an industrial edge to some of the pieces and a cool, luxurious fashionable style to others, with the center of the entire collection being the fascinating Evil Eye Bead.

SariBlue® is an earthy, bohemian, wear-it-everyday jewelry collection centered on the power and theory of the universally recognizable symbol: the Evil Eye. Using glass beads handcrafted via ancient Eco-friendly methods, the collection ties together past and present in a distinctive way adding protection through the talisman.

The SariBlue® collection (Sari is pronounced “sutter” in Turkish meaning blonde/blondie/yellow) uses Turkish handmade glass beads which are made using centuries old traditional methods.

Turkish artisans collect recycled glass pieces, mix them with special dyes and melt in their primitive adobe furnaces that burn naturally clean-burning pine logs. They shape the red hot molten glass, fuse colors together and create these amazing beads using only simple hand tools. Every bead fashioned has its own identity, lending every SariBlue® piece its own allure.

The SariBlue® Jewelry Collection beads come directly from artisans who have learned the craft of making these historic beads through generations. Sari and her partner Big travel to Turkey to work directly with craftsmen for their collection.

All designs are created by Sari and made in her artist shop outside of Boston, MA, USA.

The collection includes: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, OOAK designs and the amazing multicultural Baby Belly Bells®. The collection has designs for men and women.

As a very proud member of The Artisan Group, SariBlue®’s jewelry collection has been featured by The Artisan Group at The GBK Production’s Luxury Gift Lounges honoring The 2012 Golden Globes, The 2012 Oscars, The 2012 MTV Movie Awards, The 2012 American Music Association Awards, The 2013 Cannes Film Festival Awards, The 2013 Fall New York City Fashion Week and The 2013 and 2014 Primetime Emmy’s Awards.

SariBlue® was also a featured artisan backstage at The Official 2012 CMA Awards.

The SariBlue® Original Baby Belly Bell® was worn by Megan Fox during her pregnancy.

The SariBlue® Oxblood Agate, Hematite & Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings were worn by the character Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2 “Yellow Ledbetter”.

The SariBlue® Sparkle & Oxblood Earrings were worn on Pretty Little Liars’ by Mona (Janel Parrish) during final scene of the Season Four finale, “A is for Answers.” The episode aired March 18, 2014 on ABC Family. The earrings can be found here:

The SariBlue® Sparkle Collection was featured in the 2012 December and 2012 January editions of GLAMOUR UK.

The SariBlue® “Power Girl Bracelet” was featured in Marie Claire & InStyle UK July 2013.

SariBlue® has gifted designs to the stylists’ to be considered for use on: True Blood, Modern Family, The Middle, The Voice, Parenthood, Scandal, Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie, 2 Broke Girls, The Bold and The Beautiful, Cedar Cove, Days of Our Lives, The Young and The Restless, Chasing Life, New Girl, Rizzoli and Isles, The Originals and major motion picture Hidden In The Woods.

Items created for the celebrity events can be found in our shop as well as a number of items gifted to A-LIST Celebrities such as: Ryan Gosling, Tyra Banks, Amy Poehler, Drew Barrymoore, Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Alba, Hillary Duff, Josh Sussman and Tess Hunt.

Celebrity Creations can be found HERE.

Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style!
There’s nothing evil about it…


What’s In A Name?

SariBlue®, the story of the name goes back to my introduction to Turkish culture. Sari means blonde in Turkish, which is what my partner, Big, has  called me since we met six years ago.  Blue is not only the most popular color for Evil Eye beads, but also the color of my eyes. So when we decided to start a business, it wasn’t difficult to come up with a very personal name and one that was well suited to the Evil Eye beads legacy as well 🙂


The path to seeking culture:

I am an Italian American who is in love with cultures from all over the world.  Since I was a child I have always tried to learn more about others than myself.  I have been fascinated with culture from every possible angle: music, food, family, art, clothing, traditions, jewelry, architectures, values, history, sociology, politics, war and literature.

From birth I spent endless hours with my Grandmother and NoniMa (Great-grandmother) listening to their stories and watching their crafts; of cooking, crocheting, gardening, baking, sewing, knitting, raising children and others’ children.  I realized that these woman and their sisters and friends were different than the woman I saw in the markets in other neighborhoods that were not Italian neighborhoods.  These women had such a great sense of self, family, daily purpose, of fitting in.

They had amazing stories, tales about what certain things meant.  What certain things you can and can’t do for fear of some awfulness falling upon you.  As a child it was so amazing to me and yet somehow so normal, it was somehow comforting.  These things are tattooed in my subconscious, I blurt them out sometimes, no idea where them come from, cannot explain them, but know they have meaning and must be followed.  Such as “no birds in the house, ever!!!” it would be horrible.  Why?  No idea!  What I have learned in my adulthood is Sicilians have a very strong superstition against birds in the home, who knew.

Things changed so quickly back then here in the U.S. enclaves of cultures, neighborhoods were disappearing and we moved to the suburbs and the old folks passed.  I lost the sense of the whole and a huge part of myself.

My childhood, teenage-hood, young-adulthood was spent seeking…where do I fit?  What looks right? Is there a place for me?  I looked at many cultures and religions and locations and art and clothes!!!  OH THE CLOTHES!!!!!  OH THE MUSIC!!! OH THE JEWELRY!!!

These are all normal rites of passage in finding yourself and looking at the world.  And really I think back and it is what has made me, me! It has allowed me to be very open to different people and the world as one rather than separate groups.

Beauty in everything, the basis for how I guide my girls.

It is easy to get engulfed by a special culture and when it has similarities to your own, it is somehow enlightening and very comforting at the same time.

What has become clear to me in uncovering a deeper understanding of the Evil Eye is this aspect of culture is present in many cultures and has helped to shape those cultures throughout history.

Six years ago I was lucky enough to land an amazing job with an international tech company (yes I have a non-artist job) that required a huge amount of travel.  I spent weeks at a time in Turkey.

I ended up falling in love with the country, the people, the art, the food, the artisans, and the history and related to the notion of the Evil Eye so strongly. At first I could not figure out why.

As it turns out, the concept of course is also very familiar to me from my childhood.  So similar in fact, I began to remember the words my Noni would say about certain people who had the power to cast Evil eyes on others and how you need to be careful.

Two things happened when I was in Turkey.  I felt at home, the atmosphere and style of family is very similar to Italians, although most Turkish people are Muslims and most Italians are Catholics the familiarity is uncanny.

The other thing that happened was, everyone stared at me.  Strange right?  At first I thought I was paranoid, I mean come on, it cannot be true.  But the further out from the city center I came it happened even more.  In Turkey most people are relatively dark, dark hair, darkish eyes, brown or hazel eyes.  I am a bottle made blonde (it is our secret) and very blue eyed.  Not the norm at all, ok, well thanks for noticing.  After a while I turned to wearing sunglasses most of the time which helped.

Our Designs

SariBlue Funny Girl Earrings available at our Online ShopOur Online Eco-Friendly Jewelry Store Collection includes beads, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, talisman, bola bells, household accessories, keychains and more.

We use exclusive Turkish handmade glass beads which are made using centuries old traditional methods to craft the beads. This method may be one of the oldest eco-friendly jewelry recycling techniques around. Turkish artisans collect recycled glass pieces, mix them with special dyes and melt in their primitive adobe furnaces that burn naturally clean-burning pine logs.

Many of our designs include the evil eye – also referred to as the Lucky Eye!! This is the positive effect that people believe wearing the Evil Eye in the format of jewelry will bring to you. Please visit our online shop to view the SariBlue collection.


  1. Glad to see this kind of georgeous stuff in your new store,the bracelet is really cute:))
    Wis you a huge success and happiness in your new enterprise.

  2. Can’t believe in my eyes 🙂
    These are really beautiful,you are reallly great:))
    I am sure you will be the best !!!

  3. Hi Sari!
    Thanks for connecting on twitter. Love your website, cool jewelry!

    • Hi John!!
      Thanks for stopping by the site and FB! So great to connect with you!
      Look forward to following one another! Thank you for the compliment and connection!

  4. The things that you are making are amazing! Yes i am a Turkish girl and no i don’t believe in these superstitious beliefs but i do wear nazar boncugu because it makes me feel at home. i am so glad that you are taking those plastic(generic) touristic trinkets into something so beautiful!! You go girl!!!
    And by the way… Where can we buy these beauties in Turkey?

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