Amy Poehler Gifted with Original SariBlue Jewelry Creation

As many of you know, I live and run my business outside of Boston.  It is especially exciting to be able to bestow a SariBlue custom creation on the inimitable Amy Poehler who grew up in our own backyard and attended Boston College!  We love hometown girls!  And we love Amy!

As a consummate comedian she has worked in sketch comedy since her days at BC.  She studied her craft at some well known comedic springboards such as Second City, Imrov Olympics and Upright Citizens Brigade in Chicago.  The UCB later moved to New York and became a Comedy Central show for three seasons.  Amy joined SNL after that in 2001.  She is one of only 3 cast members ever to go from featured cast to full cast member in their first year as an SNL player.

She is also half of the first ever all female Weekend Update sketch team.  She made history with Tina Fey when Jimmy Fallon left and she stepped in to his shoes to co-anchor the sketch with Tina.

But you all know Amy from SNL!

She’s also an actress in film (Mean Girls, Blades of Glory, Baby Mama) and on TV (Parks & Recreation) on which she has written and directed, (The Mighty B! for Nickelodeon) on which she lends her voice and was also a co-creator.  She has also produced a digital series called Smart Girls at the Party which “celebrates girls changing the world by being themselves”.  Gotta love it.

She has been nominated for numerous awards including many Emmys and a Golden Globe.  She’s won awards for her comedy.  But she’s also been recognized for what she’s had to say.  She was the Senior Class Day speaker to Harvard University’s Class of 2011.  She was smart and funny and confident and honest.  But the most important thing that she wanted the graduates of perhaps the most revered and honored school of higher education in the world to know was this:

“You can’t do it alone”.

Amy Poehler Original Handcrafted Jewelry by SariBlueShe comes from a world where it seems that the solo act is more prevalent than any other industry.  Being a comedian often means standing alone.  You rock, it’s all you.  You bomb, it’s all you.   But her message was clear.  Collaborate.  Share.  Exchange.  Trust.  She is not known for being a stand-up comedian.  She’s a sketch comedy player.  She knows the value of collaborating and sharing and trusting.

The necklace I created for Amy is representative of these sentiments.  Its seemingly more than one necklace strung together to create one piece.  There are multiple strands, stones of different colors and shapes and sizes and textures…it’s laden with things that are different, but when they come together, they create an amazing end product.  Alone, they are pretty, but together they are exrtraordinary.

So for the extraordinary girl from Boston who we love for making us laugh and for telling the smartest kids in the world that they just might need one of us someday…Enjoy your SariBlue creation!!

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