Finding Your Personal Fashion Icon

SariBlue has a new article on about Finding Your Personal Fashion Icon

“Fashion is such an interesting art form and is perhaps the most difficult art form to define. What is “fashion?” Who decides? Art, as with all things beautiful, is in the eye of the beholder.” Read More

Amy Poehler Gifted with Original SariBlue Jewelry Creation

As many of you know, I live and run my business outside of Boston.  It is especially exciting to be able to bestow a SariBlue custom creation on the inimitable Amy Poehler who grew up in our own backyard and attended Boston College!  We love hometown girls!  And we love Amy!

As a consummate comedian she has worked in sketch comedy since her days at BC.  She studied her craft at some well known comedic springboards such as Second City, Imrov Olympics and Upright Citizens Brigade in Chicago.  The UCB later moved to New York and became a Comedy Central show for three seasons.  Amy joined SNL after that in 2001.  She is one of only 3 cast members ever to go from featured cast to full cast member in their first year as an SNL player.

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SariBlue is the Featured Handmade Artist at Golden Plume

SariBlue Custom Jewelry Handmade Pendant

Golden Plume’s Featured Handmade Artist on Thursday, July 12th is SariBlue

Read more about how Sari got started, what materials are used for her fabulous collections, what inspires her, and other cools facts about Sari.

Golden Plume BlogGolden Plume is handmade boho chic adornments handmade in Los Angeles, California and centered around gold and natural stone materials.

Gifting Tyra Banks with a Custom Jewelry Pendant


I have had the honor and pleasure of bestowing another celebrity with a custom made piece from SariBlue.  Just like you, I don’t know everything about the recipients of our gifts, but when I have the opportunity to send a Sariblue creation to a celebrity, I explore a bit to be able to customize something very special and significant.  When I delved into the life of Tyra Banks, I found out that she is an incredibly successful, prolific woman with more talents and endeavors than I ever realized.

Her story begins with the typical “ugly duckling turned swan” model tale that we’re all so familiar with. But after that, the typical tale turns drastically different.  She had to fight to be accepted as a black model.  Naomi Campbell tried to have her banned from modeling to keep the competition at bay, but despite opposition, she booked an unprecedented 25 shows at her first Paris Fashion Week and proved she was a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.  But what you may not know is that she has continued to be a force in many other arenas.

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What Does the Jewelry You Wear Really Mean?

SariBlue Evil Eye Bead Bracelet Handmade Jewelry

“Jewelry says a lot more than most people think. It’s fun to know exactly what your fashion statements are saying. Just like a well-designed tattoo, your jewelry is worth a thousand words.” – SariBlue

Read more of SariBlue’s new article, “What Does the Jewelry You Wear Really Mean?

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How to Get Celebrities to Show Off Your Brand

Mr. Jeremy Irons

Another article from Sari discussing the approach to celebrity involvement in a small business:

This article on has been widely shared and viewed within the first day of release. It is really exciting to share some pointers and directions you can take your business.

Keep your eyes open for other articles soon to be published in fabulous online magazines!

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SariBlue Creates Hand Crafted Jewelry for GBK Luxury Gift Lounge for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

GBK luxury gift lounge for the MTV Movie Awards –

GBK, a special events and luxury gifting company, hosted an exclusive gift lounge the beginning of June at the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills for the MTV Movie Awards. The rooftop was overflowing with stylish and cause-driven products, reflecting a mission to help the environment and give back to those in need.

The Artisan Group made an impression with handcrafted jewelry…including SariBlue eco-friendly bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces made from Turkish glass beads, many of which are designed with their “lucky eye” to add peace and prosperity.

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SariBlue Writes a Guest Article: How to Get Your Product In Front of the Right People

Hello Everyone!

SariBlue Gifts Jewelry to Celebreties at the MTV Movie AwardsI hope this mid-June day finds you well! I am so excited for this summer and all that it means. I almost feel like a kid getting out of school, although I am anything but slowing down.  Things here at the SariBlue shop have been almost frenetic.  Between the exciting large scale event that I have just completed: so thrilled to be again part of the amazing GBK’s Gifting lounge, this time to celebrate The 2012 MTV Movie Awards; gifting another very high-end, interesting and cool celebrity, Tyra Banks; crafting a number of one of a kind designs for charity events; designing pieces and gifts to be sold at local brick and mortar shops near my home; and now I am starting to have requests to write a bit about various aspects of business, jewelry, design and just my general experience with the world through some excellent and diverse online publications! [Read more…]

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SariBlue Designs Handmade Jewelry for MTV Music Awards

SariBlue interviewed by Ashley Klann with – Local Artist Designs Jewelry for Celebrity Royalty

A Central Mass. artist designs jewelry for celebrities including actors attending from the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. Her work is now going to the MTV Music Awards, and her upbringing and education here shaped her mindset as an artist.  Read more…