SariBlue Featured on In-Her-Shoes-Blog!

I feel really honored to be featured by Pati Lara on her spotlight at the In Her Shoes Blog. Pati is a fantastic person and I admire her focus on women and how we contribute to the world!

Also huge thanks to my friend Monica Collins from TG Bears for nominating me to be featured among this group of terrific women!

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This week’s Spotlight is Christine ‘Sari’ Lorenzo and SariBlue Jewelry

Christine and SariBlue banner

“Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style! There’s nothing evil about it….SariBlue.” – Sari Lorenzo

Christine Lorenzo (“famously” known as Sari) describes herself as an Italian American who from birth spent endless hours with her Grandmother and NoniMa (Great-grandmother) listening to their stories and watching and learning their crafts and talents. “These women had such a great sense of self, family, daily purpose, of fitting in.” Six years ago Sari landed an amazing job with an international tech company that required a huge amount of travel. She spent weeks at a time in Turkey and was strongly drawn to the Evil Eye, at first not knowing why. She then began to remember the words of her Noni about certain people who had the power to cast Evil Eyes on others. For Italians the notion is called Malocchio. The Evil Eye is a belief that (crosses many cultures and traditions) a person can bring harm to you simply by looking with envy, then praising you, but with jealousy in their hearts. This simple look can affect evil, harm or misfortune often times unintentionally. The Evil Eye bead is meant to protect the wearer from negative forces or projected thoughts towards them; the bead itself is in fact a “lucky eye” – an amulet meant to defend. This then became somewhat of an obsession along with the amazing Nazar Boncuk, the bead you wear as a good luck charm. “I was hooked. So I was off and running with SariBlue.”
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Appreciation is a True Gift ♥

One of the most thrilling things to happen was Tess Hunt and her adorable boyfriend Josh Sussman, being such big fans of TAG, filmed themselves opening every single gift from all the TAG artisans, including SariBlue! Sweet Ms. Tess put on The “ONE” Pendant and said how much she loved it! She knew right away that it was meant to keep away evil!! It was so exciting! The level of appreciation was so humbling!

This is your chance to see all the gifts that the team created for this event. The unveiling of SariBlue’s item comes around 6:15 of the video, it is a lot of fun to listen to these two love birds enjoy this good bag.

SariBlue Featured On TTLRN

Things To Love Right NowCheck out this great online magazine, Things To Love Right Now, featuring SariBlue’s “ONE” pendant!

Raphael Sbarge was kind enough to share his gift bag from The Artisan Group that he received at GBK Production’s Luxury Lounge event celebrating The 2012 Golden Globes with TTLRN. They did such a magnificient job with the layout and photographing the pieces, don’t you agree?

The magazine has a unique left-to-right layout, so make sure you use the bottom scroll bar in order to see the entire layout and follow all the way to check out the entire TAG display; it is gorgeous!

See the article here.

SariBlue Featured on TaraDara’s Blog

Many thanks to Tara for this fantastic feature! It was originally posted at

Please also make sure you check out her shop of Award Winning Handmade Artsy Fartsy Fun Stuff at

Etsy Shop Spotlight: Sari Blue

Sari Blue is one my fellow Golden Globe Gift Bag Contributors!!!

etsy shop spotlight

What do you make/sell on Etsy?

I am the designer and founder of SariBlue.

The SariBlue Collection is made of gorgeous handcrafted Turkish glass beads. These beads come directly from artisans who have learned the craft of these historic beads through generations. The SariBlue team travels to Turkey to work directly with craftsmen for their collection. The beads are then tied together in a unique and modern way for our original designs.

The collection is fun, colorful, very unique, adding a great conversation piece to any wardrobe; the pieces also add an ancient element of protection to your life by wearing the Evil Eye Bead.

Every piece of SariBlue jewelry has at least one Evil Eye Bead to help protect the wearer from the potential negative forces out in the world.  It is believed that the wearer of Evil Eye Beads will not only be protected from negative forces but also be brought good fortune.
The collection includes: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, chokers and amazing multicultural baby belly bells.
Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style! There’s nothing evil about it…
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The Path to the Golden Globes is Paved with Shiny Marketing Collateral & Golden Event Guides

By now everyone and their sister knows that my evil eye jewelry will be featured at the upcoming 2012 Golden Globes Gift Lounge event sponsored by The Artisan Group and hosted by GBK Productions at the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on January 13-14, 2012. At least everyone who knows me, stops by my site , Facebook page or sees my obsessive Tweets knows we are on count down!

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100 of Anything is A Lot!!

Ah the life of an artist. A jewelry maker at that… Laze around and think of lovely things to create.  Play with beads, sterling, chain and metal.  Twist and turn until it is right, tear it apart until it is perfect and do it again.  Sip coffee.  Think some more.  Match colors; mismatch them because it has more panache. Read obsessively about ideas, history and style. Present your work to the universe and like magic, people will adore it and be inspired!


There it is the story of how my work made it to the Golden Globes! LOL!!! OK, I am a goofy fairytale teller who wishes it was simple for all makers of lovely things to reach their ideal of success.  In truth, as mine and all good Italian fathers tell their children “nothing good comes easy” and “work equals success”.
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Sariblue Featured on Frontpage of Stow Independent

Sari in front of Golden Globe packagesHollywood Glam from Stow Designer

By Ellen Oliver

Stow jewelry designer Christine Lorenzo will have her red carpet moment when her jewelry is given to nominees and presenters at the January 2012 Golden Globe awards.

Part of a luxury gift lounge hosted by GBK Productions, Lorenzo is one of several artists who are providing items for 100 gift bags, plus a display item to be viewed by the guests and reviewed by 75 media representatives.

“The Golden Globes – oh my gosh,” said Lorenzo. “I have such an appreciation of movies. I watch the nominations. I watch the movies. It’s such a big deal that I’m in this event,” she said.

Lorenzo sells her jewelry under the name SariBlue, a combination of “sari” (pronounced “sutter”) the Turkish word for yellow or blonde, and the blue of a traditional evil eye, the bead featured in Lorenzo’s creations. For the Golden Globes, Lorenzo designed a large evil eye pendant, featuring the vibrant blue bead accented with silver beads and smaller sparks of color and copper. The pendants will be packaged in a small tin bearing the evil eye symbol and also containing information about Lorenzo’s work.

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The Fabulous Zooey Deschanel

I could not be more ecstatic about SariBlue’s latest news!  Thanks to The Artisan Group, I am able to send a set of earrings and pendant designed exclusively for the one and only Zooey Deschanel.  The gift will be sent during the first week of December in a congratulatory gift bag to celebrate the success of her TV Series The New Girl.

You may not be aware of my absolute love and admiration for the fabulous Zooey Deschanel.  It is so hard for me to determine whether I admire her more for her:

  • Fantastic and quirky acting ability in great movies like (500) Days of Summer, Almost Famous, The Happening, and her current role on hit TV series The New Girl, and of course lest we forget my all-time favorite Christmas movie Elf where she is classically alongside Will Ferrell as “Jovie”.
  • Truly gorgeous, breezy voice on her She & He albums, as well as on soundtracks for movies she is in, Your Highness, (500) Days of Summer and Yes Man and other films.  No one can ever forget the shower scene in Elf, as she sings “Baby it’s Cold Outside”.  Her charming voice on film and on soundtrack she sings the duet with Leon Redbones.  For me it is the best version of the song ever recorded (just saying).
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Look Who’s Wearing Our Bells and Birds

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff

We are again very thrilled to be participating in a lovely gifting opportunity through our amazing friends at The Artisan Group.  This time I am sending two celebrities some of our most popular items made especially for them.
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SariBlue Featured on Wonderforest

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There’s nothing evil about it!! (and a giveaway!)


Christine owns and operates a jewelry line called SariBlue.  On top of being an amazing person, she is devoted to her line and it shows!  Her collection includes cultural inspired Evil Eye bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in wonderfully bold colourings.

SariBlue is this month’s very first Wonder Forest Featured Artisan!  I got the inside scoop on Christine’s business and am so happy to have her here to share it with you all!
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