SariBlue Press Release for Golden Globe 2012

SariBlue is very pleased to announce that their jewelry collection has been chosen to be featured in association with The Artisan Group at a luxury Gift Lounge hosted by GBK Productions in honor of The 2012 Golden Globes, their Nominees and Presenters.

SariBlue’s exclusive “One” evil eye pendant and earrings will be prominently featured on display at The Artisan Group’s exhibit, and all attending celebrities will receive this signature piece in their swag bags. This event will also be attended by over 75 TV and print media outlets.
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{Featured Artist} Christine from SariBlue

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Welcome to Featured Fridays on Snuggly Monkey! Each Friday we chat with a different Etsy artist and take a peek inside their Etsy world. This week we are talking with Christine from SariBlue.

Christine’s jewelry focuses around handcrafted Turkish Evil Eye beads. As her shop description says, “Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style!  There’s nothing evil about it.” Evil Eye beads (and in turn SariBlue jewelry) is meant to protect the wearer from negative forces. While influenced by traditional Turkish designs, Christine adds her own creativity and modern touches to create truly unique pieces for her shop.

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SariBlue Jewelry Giveaway

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Today is the first of my 2 giveaways for September. As you all know by now, I am a huge fan of all things positive and chic! So when lovely Christine of SariBlue Jewelry contacted me to do a small ad and a giveaway on Simply Harmony I jumped at the chance to promote her jewelry company!

SariBlue Jewelry’s designs are inspired to add positivity, peace, and fun to your style! Based around the age-old concept of protection from the evil eye, the beautiful eclectic jewelry is made from authentic gorgeous glass beads from Turkey to help you bring calmness, peace, and assurance with you throughout your day. The “evil eye” bead (also knows as the “Lucky Eye”) comes in an array of brilliant colors – ranging from white all the way to black – and SariBlue creates the most charming pieces from these precious beads.

My favorite pieces from her collection are “Gypsy Sky bracelet” and the Gypsy Flame bracelet (pictured above). And as luck would have it, SariBlue is giving away the Gypsy Flame bracelet to one of my lucky readers!
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Creativity Unmasked: Creative Introduction SariBlue

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Christine of SariBlue in today’s Creative Introduction. Christine has recently stepped into the creative marketplace, so please give her a warm welcome and open the door into the creative community with advice and support. At the time of our “interview”, SariBlue was up, running and looking forward to their first sale – good luck!


Please introduce yourself:
My online little business is very new but my interest in design and fashion and art is life-long. Ironically my day jobs have always lead me down another path. I have, for the most part, worked in a corporate world with an international focus, which has also been a huge draw for me. I love things that have an eclectic flair, places, ideas, art, music that allow me to see things from other views.

How did you first become interested in your craft?
After a lifetime of head-down corporate, the last six years had me traveling to Turkey, Brazil and France for work. Most regularly I traveled to Turkey, and from time to time, I was able to poke my head up and look at things other than the next terrific software engineer or SIM application! Turkish culture was so amazing for me and really grabbed me from a personal and artistic place and slowly the idea for SariBlue developed, until this spring when my beauties Maggie who is 8.5 going on 40 and Gigi who just turned 7 who will forever be as light as air said Mom, you want to do this “now is the time” so I did.
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