Evil Eye Bead Colors

What does the color in your evil eye jewelry and bead mean? In Turkey and surrounding countries, the most popular evil eye jewelry and bead charm color is blue. This is for two reasons.

The Evil Eye jewelry concept began in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures.  These peoples were dark in hair and eyes.  So when they were invaded by Western cultures, their eyes were unique and tended to be BLUE!  To protect against these harmful people the charm should have the same power; blue is the most popular color even today.

The other reason for blue being the evil eye jewelry and bead color is that in these lands it is a dry part of the world, where water is precious.   Water is needed to make things prosper and grow, and without it, things shrivel and die. The color blue reminds people of fresh, cool water, and is the counter balance to the potential to the removal of water from the Evil Eye.

The nazar boncuk comes in all colors and the colors all have meanings to protect certain parts of our lives.


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Meanings of Evil Eye Colors



  1. What does the translucent clear evil eye mean?

    • Hi Danielle,
      Thank you for the question 🙂
      With most “modern colours” no one really has the final answers but we use the clear Evil Eye bead for clarity and mindfulness. They are not very common and somewhat hard to find.
      Thank you for coming to our site!!
      Best wishes,

  2. Lots of helpful information. I have bookmarked your site.
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  3. Thanks Sooo much! I have a couple of evil eye bracelets and everyone was telling me they were good luck so this morning I decided to go on line and read about it this was sooo helpful!!! 🙂

  4. Hi Cristina!
    Glad you found the info helpful! The history of and culture of the Evil Eye is so interesting. Check out our shop if you like wearing Evil Eye jewelery we add new designs all the time: http://sariblue.storenvy.com/
    Very best to you and thanks for stopping by!

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