100 of Anything is A Lot!!

Ah the life of an artist. A jewelry maker at that… Laze around and think of lovely things to create.  Play with beads, sterling, chain and metal.  Twist and turn until it is right, tear it apart until it is perfect and do it again.  Sip coffee.  Think some more.  Match colors; mismatch them because it has more panache. Read obsessively about ideas, history and style. Present your work to the universe and like magic, people will adore it and be inspired!


There it is the story of how my work made it to the Golden Globes! LOL!!! OK, I am a goofy fairytale teller who wishes it was simple for all makers of lovely things to reach their ideal of success.  In truth, as mine and all good Italian fathers tell their children “nothing good comes easy” and “work equals success”.

I am a worker, always have been, I swear sometimes I create work to be sure I am not taking the easy way out.  Work ethic is huge.  My trip on this artisan’s path has not been very long but it has been intense.

I launched SariBlue this past spring with a ton of enthusiasm, not really knowing how far it would take me.  The name SariBlue and the tagline “Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style!  There’s nothing evil about it….” developed easily.  My past experience helped with the thoroughness of branding the shop.

The designs for the jewelry were in my head for a long time and came about quickly but still develop, ebb and flow.  Creativity never ends and the process behind it gets more interesting, better with time.

I knew quickly that I did not want SariBlue to simply be a hobby; I wanted it to be my passion, my full attention grabbing commitment.  It became all-consuming quickly.  My eye went to others who were committed to their passion as a main focus or business.

Early in the Fall I started to see TAG or The Artisan Group pop up in a few shops across Etsy and other blogs and shops.  I noticed that when I saw TAG it was always associated with amazing work.  So I did a bit of espionage and found out about the goals of the group and about Valerie Guerrero, the founder.  Valerie is a true business woman; tried and true detail focused person, who basically has been unstoppable once she puts her mind to reaching a goal.  She created the group to help high end artists access celebrities and present their work, thus giving them opportunities that otherwise are basically impossible to grab. I call her The Fairy Godmother of Artists.

The short version of the story with TAG-Valerie-SariBlue: I introduced myself we chatted, Valerie reviewed my work thought my work was a good match for TAG and the special events she does and we agreed to work together.  It was a great decision for me!

As a result my work has been in front of Hillary Duff, Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel; my card and ad will be distributed at an Oscar event, similar to the Golden Globe event; and of course will be featured at the TAG luxury lounge event for The Golden Globes. There are a number of other thrilling events currently lined up which I am so happy to be included in and these will be announced shortly.

Ironically the day Valerie and I decided to work together was the day I also learned I would be part of the Golden Globe event. Talk about timing! I knew it was a huge undertaking but truly had no idea the amount of work that would go into the preparation for this type of event.  Here is a taste of what needed to be done:

        • BIO: I thought SURE! I love to write (clearly can’t stop me, a bit of a chatterbox) so I wrote a pretty good one, to what I thought was the criteria, 700 words and just in time for the deadline, which by the way, was two days after I met Valerie over the phone, YIKKEES! UMM, no you fool, that would be 700 CHARACTERS…… insert low level desperate music here….. holy rethink batman……. Huge difference between words and characters.  Characters includes spaces by the by!! Bugger! But I pulled that one off by the seat of my skirt and sent it along.
        • Prototype: Due at the very same time as the bio.  No problem!! I knew what I wanted to do! So I put together my pendant and earrings to match and even created the name of the collection, pretty good at that stuff.  Thought I had the display well thought out too…. UMM, not so fast sweetie.  Your items are OK….. but the display is a no-go.  Doesn’t work for us please rethink, ugh….  This will be much harder than I thought.
        • Display:  With the no go on the display, I had to find something perfect.  I literally purchased no less than 20 pieces of metal or glass or wood items to place my jewelry on.  I photographed them all with the “ONE” Collection pieces on each.  Nothing was exactly right.  Finally I stumbled upon a very simple, but somehow cool deep red Italian vase.  PERFECT! It has it to be, it is Italian!!
        • Photos: Ah, yes photos for the guide for the event!! Center, left of center, right of center.. Sorry?  You know. Center, left and right of center?  Oh, oh yes, of course I do! Well I did not really, but I learned very quickly what it meant to present your work in that fashion.  As did my good friend who is now the SariBlue in house photographer.  He is really an engineering geek, and a photog on the side as a hobby; gorgeous work.  Ironically, very dark and twisted vision in his art and here he is taking these light and bright shots of my work.  He has been wonderful and takes all my published photos.  We worked really hard to get the right angles for the guide.  It was a lot of fun for the first hour, and then later on not as much fun.  In the end, so worth it.  We also gathered great pictures of beads and jewelry that are used for the new marketing that came out great! Again, sounds really fun, but it was a ton of work to guarantee the proper lighting and positioning.
        • Container: Then word spreads among the family about the exciting news and everyone has an opinion.  Well you cannot just put your items in a little organza bag! My god what would Angelina Jolie think of that!! (Really??) So the quest for the perfect vessel to gift my work began, nightmare, completely.

Tin cans that contain the ONE Pendants

        • Marketing: Then the marketing freak that I am, and detail loon, I had to rethink my business cards and of course all the other TAG folks were talking about an info card. Sorry a what, info card? Must do one too, I guess.  So my plans were laid for new business cards, info card, new display vessel, new container for glass beaded jewelry that won’t get crushed in a large bag filled with other artwork, yet stand out and somehow be small enough to be accepted, (in the end a cute tin, which then required not one but two stickers one for the top of course and one for the bottom!!) Oh boy! These all of course were not conventional printed items.  Everything but the biz card is round to match my marketing theory of the evil eye! The first batch of stickers which shipped were wrong, please do again, sir!  The first batch of biz cards were printed one side up, one side down, yikkees! Don’t panic, tons of time!! Except they lost the redo batch, GREAT!! Don’t panic sweetie plenty of time…..

SariBlue Badge

        • Jewelry Production: Well no worries; I can make my 100, yes 100 pendants to gift to the fabulous celebrities that will attend the event! While I wait for the arrival of the marketing pieces. All things I need I had, right. I mean I sent my partner to Turkey for the special bead I want to use, yes it is true; crazy, I know.  But wait the chain I normally use is what? SOLD OUT? Back ordered until when? Are you kidding me? Ok, ok, well if I order it in smaller amounts I know it is super expensive but, it must be done and I can do it with a new vendor… problem solved.

Batch of ONE Pendants

      • Assembly Line:  Family Style!! I had so much help along the way with this entire process, and it was never more apparent than with the assemblage of the completed items into the tins.  You would think this would be the easiest part and in a way it was, but it felt as though it took forever!! Normal everyday life sure gets in the way of a large assembly line in your home! It was all hand on deck even if it was just keeping my 2 year old nephew out of my shop for the few weeks everything was lined up nicely.
      • 100 of anything is a lot!! Whoa! Done!! I have never been so happy to get this stuff out the door.

I am so excited to see the pictures from the actual event and hear all about the reactions to everyone’s work.  So, here I am thinking about the luck I have in my life! I mean true luck, not the kind under a rainbow but the kind that comes from thoughtful work and focus without getting stuck too long in a rat-hole.  The whole process was a bit like a roller-coaster, sometimes fun sometimes like you want to throw up.  Somewhat as if while you are on it you are not sure you will do it again, but once you are off you are on an adrenaline high so you are certain you cannot wait to climb back aboard! The day after my items shipped off to Cali I could not help but laugh when Valerie sent an email saying hey the next big event is X are you in?  Of course I jumped up and said heck YEAH!! When the day before I said, you know perhaps a little break would be good between events!!

The big take-aways for me:

Life is good, hard work is still grand, you learn from everything, there are amazing people around me and 100 of anything is a lot!

I really love my life, my family, friends new and old and appreciate everything around me.  I am thankful every day for what I have.  Thanks for letting me chat a bit about this experience, how cool, right?

Be kind to each other.

Love and luck,


This post was kindly shared for us at Awesomely Awkward by our bloggy friend Jamie Boyer.  Her posts and insight are very awesome rather than awkward; she has a great sense of self.  SariBlue follows her posts on a regular basis.   Here is the link to my guest post on this subject:  http://www.awesomely-awkward.com/2011/12/100-of-anything-is-lot-sari-blue-and.html


  1. I am excited for you. Great post. You are also a very good writer.

  2. WOW Shea! Thank you so much! Next weekend will be very exciting we will have to keep our eyes open for who comes to the big event!!
    Thanks again!

  3. Maureen Lorenzo says:

    Christine, I just read your story…and I had a good chuckle! Our special Italian family always manages to pull thru. Loved the story and LOVE your jewelry….the long red earrings are calling me! I hope to be in touch soon.
    Love, Maureen

    • HA! LOL! Maureen!
      Yes, a lot of people had a good laugh but no one understands better than a Lorenzo or a Baccari and of course since you and I are both, both, well we understand all too well!!
      Thank you so much for having a laugh and stopping by!
      Cousin Joli has also stopped by, in fact the lucky girl has some fantastic things on their way to her right now!!
      Love you!! Be good to yourself!

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