LA Weekly’s Best of Issue 2012 Features SariBlue

This week was not terrific; in fact it was somewhat crummy. So when I got an email from my Fairy Godmother Valerie it did seem perfectly timed.

If you have followed SariBlue you know that I am a member of The Artisan Group and with the determined work of Valerie Guerrero have participated in some outstanding events. Recently I was part of the GBK Luxury Lounge celebrating The 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

The collection I made for this event is one of my favorites, The Free Spirit Collection.

It includes man’s bracelets: “Big” and “Big Slim” and “Free Spirit Links” gifted to the celebrities who attended.

The collection also includes “Boho Baby Earrings” my personal favorite, which were exclusively gifted to the elite press in attendance at the GBK MTV Gift Lounge.

Boho Baby Earrings

As part of the featured display at the event this one of a kind piece “Free Spirit Necklace” also seen here on Fanny Pak’s Tiffany Grant. Tiffany Grant with SariBlue Necklace mtv 20120619

So when Valerie sent me a message this week telling me that renowned photographer Star Foreman had used my Boho Baby Earrings in the photo shoot for LA Weekly’s Best of Issue 2012 I was floored and well, truly honored.

Star Foreman is an amazing fashion and celebrity photographer. Star’s unmistakable style is what makes this layout and all her images so compelling.

She creates a story with her imagery with extraordinary detail. Here are the images with our earrings and the link to the entire layout. So much fun and a nice way to improve a not so perfect week.

Best of LA Weekly featuring SariBlue

Best of LA Weekly featuring SariBlue

Star Foreman Best of LA Weekly Eat Cake


  1. These are fabulous photographs and your jewelry looks exquisite… very happy and proud for you!

  2. I can just imagine how you felt when you learned that Star Foreman had used your earrings in the shoot. That’s a lot more exposure for you. Plus you know that the pieces were chosen because they looked good, so it means people are appreciating your work. It also means that someone had to either introduce the work to her or your other promotional efforts are working, your work is being seen by people who have enough influence to get it out to more viewers. Congrats on that feature.

    Tiffany Grant looks lovely in that necklace. It would look good with what I’m wearing now too 😉

    • Thanks for your kind words and support.
      The necklace that Tiffany Grant is wearing is OOAK and still here in my shop, it really was fun to make!
      Thanks so much,

  3. That is very cool! Thank you so much for posting this story and wish you more luck ! your jewelry is beautiful! TAG love goes to you!

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