Meet Dr. Alexis Gopal: Creative Entrepreneur, Mother, Designer and Amazing Friend

It is no mistake that Alexis Gopal is our first featured artisan. She has been an amazing support to me and SariBlue. Her willingness to share her infinite knowledge about her business and life experience is invaluable.

Alexis opened her business in 2006, with a huge career change. She was a physician in private practice, working hard and missing out on time with her girls. She made a life-changing decision to leave her practice and start something totally new which allows time with her family and focus on what really matters to her. Alexis had been designing and creative since she was a child, painting, crocheting, and making jewelry. The inspiration for her designs: her daughters and nature.

Her generosity is amazing. Of course she is also a wonderful jewelry designer with an interesting life story. This chapter of her story is filled with great success and we wish her well on her continued journey.

Alexis Gopal

Alexis Gopal

Alexis Gopal prepping for martinsmoonlighters

This is Alexis just before running a 5k in honor of her friend, who subsequently died of lymphoma. Alexis says “This photo means a lot to me, because it reminds me to live my life with purpose every single day. Life is truly a gift.”

Let’s learn a bit about Alexis and what makes her tick:

1.    Tell us what you do?

I’m a jewelry designer and owner of Alexis Gopal Jewelry, and LexiBeads, a jewelry supply business. I was a physician in my previous life.

AG Jewelry White Howlite Elegance Bracelet

AG Jewelry White Howlite Elegance Bracelet

2.    What is the best part about running your own business?

The best part is the flexibility it gives me to be with my two children.

3.    What is the hardest thing about your craft?

Jewelry design is so saturated; it is very challenging to carve out your own niche in such a competitive market.

Custom Design for Paula Abdul

Custom Design for Paula Abdul


4.    What is the most satisfying thing about your work?

It makes people happy, and allows me to be with my children. It also allows me creative expression.


Alexis has two beautiful girls who she is very proud of, this image makes her think: “Love, Family, God”

Alexis has two beautiful girls who she is very proud of, this image makes her think: “Love, Family, God”

5.     What is the best item or project you have completed to date?

I’m my own worst critic. My best item is yet to come.

6.    How do you stay motivated?

Lately, with great difficulty. Sometimes, I have to step back and come back to a project after taking a breather. I come back relaxed motivated and with a new set of eyes.

7.    Do you consider yourself an expert in your craft? If not where are you on the scale of learning? How did you gain your knowledge?

No, I’ll never stop learning. There’s always something I can improve, or a technique I can add to my skill set.

The REAL Alexis:

1.    What is your favorite movie?
Carlito’s Way

2.    What is your favorite season?
Spring and Autumn

3.    What is your favorite type of food?

4.    Coffee or tea?

5.    If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

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  1. Thank you, Sari for such a wonderful feature!! Words just cannot express my gratitude! <3

  2. I am privileged to have known Alexis through The Arisan Group -she is a genuine, loving person–and talented (just take one look at her creations and you will see). Super feature on a super lady!

  3. Wonderful post, Christine! I find it inspiring that Alexis was a physician and decided to give all that up to design jewelry.

  4. Diane, I feel the exact same way about you…thank you so much for your kind words and neverending support! <3

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