Meet Faith Marcus: Jewelry Designer, experienced in fashion, marketing and listening to her own voice

SariBlue’s new series continues today introducing you to Faith Marcus. This lovely jewelry designer catches my eye in many ways. Firstly, she designs some pretty amazing pieces that are unique, well-crafted and simply make you feel special. Secondly, her ability to convey a concise clean message of her personal and professional style is impressive. Faith has had a career working in high-end fashion and now designing for herself.

Faith uses many mediums to share her style, ability to relate beauty across art forms, and great finds in the world of art, fashion and beauty. I call her “Queen of Pinterest”. Her boards and profile on Pinterest are some of the best, most appealing and educational I have seen. She sets up her boards so they all have a gorgeous theme, at the same time really telling the viewers what she is about. Faith has written a number of informational tools regarding the use of social media (specifically Pinterest) to support your artistic endeavors. I am really pleased that she has agreed to be featured here as well as contribute as a guest blogger moving forward.

Faith Marcus’ collection is gorgeous and her business knowledge and willingness to dig deep to support other artisans is super. I am glad to have her in my art universe as someone who has helped me and influenced me along this little journey.

Please check out her sites and say hello via SariBlue.

Faith Marcus

Faith says: “This photo was taken while I was in a really whimsical mood. It always makes me smile, and reminds me to be playful, and let my inner child out. It’s especially good when I am being overly serious !!”

Let’s learn a bit about Faith:

1.     Tell us what you do?

I create one of a kind semi-precious and high quality metal jewelry. I would like to think that a woman will really feel good wearing my work. I believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones, and this is my way of offering a bit of healing and beauty to the world. I believe we are all connected, and connected to nature. Gemstones carry vibrations from the Earth. My goal is to raise the vibrations of the wearer, and to bring about a higher state of awareness, and happiness.

Faith Marcus Love Charm Aquamarine Bracelet
2.     What is the best part about running your own business?

The freedom to not have to take orders from anyone else but myself

3.     How long have you had your own shop/business?

My jewelrey line was “founded” in 2009, previously, I owned my own vintage decor business for 7 years, It was named ‘theluxurylife”, and I also created my own boxes, frames and mirrors using a very unique shell treatment, and also restrung and refurbished a lot of chandeliers, and did unique furniture restoration ..old to new, and vice versa.

Faith Marcus Black Spinel Sterling Earrings

4.     What is the hardest thing about your craft?

Sticking to one project at a time! I usually have 4-6 different things going at once.

5.    What is the hardest thing about the business side of what you do?

All the follow up social networking, it’s the time involved

6.    What is the most satisfying thing about your work?

The wonderful feeling when someone receives my work, and tells me how much they enjoy their item, appreciates the piece, and how it makes them feel.

Faith Marcus Tiger Eye & Opal Necklace

7.    Describe your typical day.

…..Nothing typical about my days!! Except waking up very early, and heading straight for the coffee pot, and spending a few moments waking up sitting in my garden.

8.    How do you attract customers?  What are some of your specific marketing techniques?

I believe in being totally genuine. I have been really blessed with connecting with people who get to know me, then my art. It’s a very personal connection. I don’t believe anyone sells “stuff”, I believe we really sell and market ourselves.

9.    Where do you draw inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from many places, but the basis of my inspiration is usually Mother Nature.

Faith Marcus inpiration

When asked for a photo or image that was inspiring Faith sent me this wonderful image taken by Alison Scarpulla. The image evokes: dream, fantasy and desire for Faith.

10.    Do you consider yourself an expert in your craft? If not where are you on the scale of learning? How did you gain your knowledge?

I consider myself more of an expert in dealing with people, with having a good eye for style and design, rather than having a particular technical skill. Technique to me, is the authentic joy and love which is brought to the art, not necessarily the specific aspects of how something was made. I think there are many technical masters, but does not mean they are an artist.

The REAL Faith:

1.    What is your favorite song? Or style of music?
music…it’s only rock & roll

2.    What is your favorite movie?
Way too many to have a favorite…and my tastes are so varied, but the first one that came to mind is “The Celestine Prophecy”

3.    What is your favorite season?

4.    What is your favorite type of food?
Sushi or any type of seafood ranks highest on my list.

5.    Coffee or tea?

6.    How would you describe your personal style?
….very eclectic, although I find myself more relaxed, basic and uncomplicated lately. Bohemian/hippie, with some classic chic.

7.    If you were a flavor of ice cream what would you be?
Praline n Cream

8.    If you could do anything else what would it be?
Become a full time healer

9.    If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
India is high on my list right now. Morocco is another. I have been fortunate to have travelled and explored a lot of wonderful places on the globe.

Business: Faith Marcus Designs
Facebook Fan Page:
Twitter Handle: @FMDesigns


  1. I am really honored and humbled by this wonderful feature. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart !

  2. I must say that you have a great sense of making jewelry designs. I really liked your work. The designs are really unique.

  3. I am so thrilled to have Faith on our site!

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