SariBlue® Added as a Storenvy Featured Brand

We were pretty excited to learn that SariBlue® was added to the list of Featured Brands on

SariBlue Featured Store in Storenvy

Some of you may know that our main shop is through the Storenvy portal so when you click our big SHOP button on our home page the behind the scenes stuff is run by the cool cats in Cali from Storenvy. They do a great job managing the functionality of the shop so we can present all the variations of our designs and allow customers to easily checkout online.

We love Storenvy because we can set up our own store and at the same time be part of a very cool marketplace.

When you shop through Storenvy, directly, as they say: “it is like going to a mall only cooler”. There are loads of amazing shops from other small business owners making outstanding items.

I constantly covet the items listed in the shops from so many of the Featured Brands so I thought it would be cool to share some of them as we announce being added to the elite list.

Here are some of the items and shops that I think are outstanding on Storenvy.

This ring is amazing as is literally every piece in this shop.

Check out: brentdakisjewellery


I just love the concept behind this shop, totally my style….…to the point cards and notes, a little dark, a little sarcastic and makes me giggle in such a good way.

Check out: Cult Paper

Cult Paper

These are on my gift list for my husband as are so many other things in the shop.

Check out: Hammer it Out

Hammer it Out

My sweet friend owns this shop and her hard work shows in every piece she designs. Her items are eco-friendly, fashionable and functional = trifecta!

Check out: Sew Beastly

Sew Beastly

When I saw the profile to this shop I was totally blown away, amazing concept and stunning work, in awe!

Check out: Elevate Jewelry

Elevate Jewelry

I think the story for these makers is lovely and using tea for soap is genius! Being totally truthful one of the reasons this shop jumped out at me, outside of the lovely story and branding, was the last name of one of the partners… can’t blame a girl for loving anyone who is a Lorenzo.

Check out: Tassology Soap Company

Tassology Soap Company

Here is the cute factor. Totally adorable items, handmade, itsy bitsy knit items and my favorites are the drawings. This type of art is fantastic and always makes me smile.

Check out: mohu


A couple that works together … well works really hard together! I love that this is a husband and wife team. And anyone who references Game of Thrones in their product titles is aces in my book!

Check out: bubble and geek

Bubble and Geek

Please be sure to visit our shop, “Watch” us which means you like our shop on Storenvy and all the other great small businesses on Storenvy.

If you visit these shops tell them SariBlue® sent you along and let us know what items you love in your favorite handmade shop below.

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