SariBlue® expands the Baby Belly Bell™ Collection

SariBlue® loves babies, we love moms, we love families, we love pregnant woman and we really love making meaningful jewelry. Our original Baby Belly Bells™ have been part of pregnancy journeys for hundreds of our customers and their families.

Our design is so unique it has recently been trademarked, and we are really thrilled about this.

Making each Baby Belly Bell™ brings me joy and happiness; sometimes I think I get more excited about sending one to a customer than they do.

I really believe pregnancy, babies, family are life’s biggest gift. It is so important to love every minute of your pregnancy and what better way to celebrate your growing bump than a special piece of jewelry made expressly for you.

Our original Baby Belly Bell™ seen here on Megan Fox has been so popular it is often hard to keep them in stock.

Megan Fox seen all over LA wearing SariBlue’s Mauve Baby Belly Bell

We have had many requests for a broader selection of our pregnancy pendants and happily announce our new Baby Belly Bells™ are ready to be unveiled.

We have incorporated the originality of our Baby Belly Bell™ and all its special meaning into 6 new designs. We have also added some coordinating pieces to create great gift sets.

Check out our expanded collection:

The Original Baby Belly Bell™

  • Our Original “Mauve” Baby Belly Bell™ has been a huge hit
  • Now this beautiful Sterling Silver Bell is available with Mauve, Blue, Green and Light Pink accent beads.
  • We also make a version on .925 Sterling Silver Chain with Amethyst Beads

Original Baby Belly Bell


Heart with Ruby Quartz & Natural Mashan Greyed Jade Baby Belly Bell™

  • Gorgeous Sterling Silver smooth heart shaped bell
  • This heart is paired with Ruby Quartz and Natural Mashan Greyed Jade
  • We have also created coordinating earrings and bracelet

Heart with Ruby Quartz & Natural Mashan Greyed Jade Baby Belly Bell™


Moroccan Cage with Carnelian Baby Belly Bell™

  • This Sterling Silver Cage has delicate details and an orange-reddish bead on the top to pull together the orange bell inside with the Carnelian accents
  • Along with Tangerine Carnelian there are gold-hued Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver Beads
  • The coordinating bracelet and earrings look amazing

Morroccan Cage with Carnelian Baby Belly Bell


Turkish Cage with Aquamarine Baby Belly Bell™

  • This Sterling Silver Cage holds a silvery-grey bell and is accented with a small Silver Bali bead and three lovely Aquamarines

Turkish Cage with Aquamarine Baby Belly Bell


Hearts & Flowers Cage with Natural Rainbow Agate Baby Belly Bell™

  • Such a pretty Sterling Silver cage with cut outs of hearts and flowers allowing the purple bell to really show through
  • The Natural Rainbow Agates are so earthy and rich in colour, your choice or let me send you a surprise. The colours range from earthy tones in brown, green, purple, pink and blue

Hearts & Flowers Cage with Natural Rainbow Agate Baby Belly Bell

Clarity Baby Belly Bell™

  • Our large clear evil eye with tiny hematite beads and a tiny white crystal
  • We have bracelets and earrings that pair really well with this maternity necklace

Clarity Baby Belly Bell


  1. I love the new designs, they look so wonderful. These are an ideal gift for a friend who is expecting.

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