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I feel really honored to be featured by Pati Lara on her spotlight at the In Her Shoes Blog. Pati is a fantastic person and I admire her focus on women and how we contribute to the world!

Also huge thanks to my friend Monica Collins from TG Bears for nominating me to be featured among this group of terrific women!

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This week’s Spotlight is Christine ‘Sari’ Lorenzo and SariBlue Jewelry

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“Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style! There’s nothing evil about it….SariBlue.” – Sari Lorenzo

Christine Lorenzo (“famously” known as Sari) describes herself as an Italian American who from birth spent endless hours with her Grandmother and NoniMa (Great-grandmother) listening to their stories and watching and learning their crafts and talents. “These women had such a great sense of self, family, daily purpose, of fitting in.” Six years ago Sari landed an amazing job with an international tech company that required a huge amount of travel. She spent weeks at a time in Turkey and was strongly drawn to the Evil Eye, at first not knowing why. She then began to remember the words of her Noni about certain people who had the power to cast Evil Eyes on others. For Italians the notion is called Malocchio. The Evil Eye is a belief that (crosses many cultures and traditions) a person can bring harm to you simply by looking with envy, then praising you, but with jealousy in their hearts. This simple look can affect evil, harm or misfortune often times unintentionally. The Evil Eye bead is meant to protect the wearer from negative forces or projected thoughts towards them; the bead itself is in fact a “lucky eye” – an amulet meant to defend. This then became somewhat of an obsession along with the amazing Nazar Boncuk, the bead you wear as a good luck charm. “I was hooked. So I was off and running with SariBlue.”

“The business itself has been really fun, such a joy to be working for myself. To be able to start something from scratch that I believe in and has the components of a business that are important to me. Not only the elements of a creative focus but the foundation of being what I call a “kind” business.”

The shop was officially opened in 2011 and thrives on offering a “fun, hip, wear-it-everyday jewelry collection.” Each item is a unique creation of glass beads using centuries-old traditional Turkish methods. Turkish artisans collect and recycle glass and melt it in their furnaces that burn low-carbon pine logs in order to shape the glass, fuse them together and create these amazing beads. Every bead created has its own identity, lending each SariBlue piece its distinctive nature. Anyone will be proud to masterwork of art since not one bead is the same.

Sari’s deep belief on giving back is evident in her relationships with charities and foundations. Here are the direct links:

Sari is also a proud member of The Artisan Group. SariBlue was featured at the GBK Luxury Lounge at The Golden Globes this January. SariBlue will also be featured at the upcoming Oscars for the TAG/GBK Event and The MTV Movie Awards in an exclusive Lounge this spring. “I am also thrilled to have gifted a number of Hollywood’s Elite custom pieces from my collection.” Earrings crafted for Zooey Deschanel have become one of the most popular items in the SariBlue Shop. Both Jeremy Irons and Ali Fedotowsky were specifically interested in SariBlue at the GBK Event in January.

Mom, “kind” entrepreneur, trendsetter, and generous donor… Sari thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

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