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Etsy Shop Spotlight: Sari Blue

Sari Blue is one my fellow Golden Globe Gift Bag Contributors!!!

etsy shop spotlight

What do you make/sell on Etsy?

I am the designer and founder of SariBlue.

The SariBlue Collection is made of gorgeous handcrafted Turkish glass beads. These beads come directly from artisans who have learned the craft of these historic beads through generations. The SariBlue team travels to Turkey to work directly with craftsmen for their collection. The beads are then tied together in a unique and modern way for our original designs.

The collection is fun, colorful, very unique, adding a great conversation piece to any wardrobe; the pieces also add an ancient element of protection to your life by wearing the Evil Eye Bead.

Every piece of SariBlue jewelry has at least one Evil Eye Bead to help protect the wearer from the potential negative forces out in the world.  It is believed that the wearer of Evil Eye Beads will not only be protected from negative forces but also be brought good fortune.
The collection includes: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, chokers and amazing multicultural baby belly bells.
Beautiful, simply designed jewelry to add peace, positivity and a bit of fun to your style! There’s nothing evil about it…

etsy shop spotlight

When did you start doing your craft?

The shop was established Spring 2011.

My love for the deep reaching cultural philosophy of the Evil Eye developed more than six years ago when I began traveling to Turkey on a regular basis and feel in love with its art, history, food, and of course its people.  I became aware that this new love was strong because the culture was so similar to the Italian culture in which I was raised.

Sometimes,  when I share with people that it was as if the Nazar Boncuk spoke to me and it felt like the collection was meant to be, they look at me in a little bit of a strange way…

But I could not be more serious! I had a few futile attempts in the past to create jewelry.  Once I started to play with these beads, make a few pieces, it came together so nicely.  I truly adore the beads and the history behind them.

etsy shop spotlight

Who/what inspires you?

Clearly the Evil Eye inspires me.  I realize for people that don’t know me or don’t know me well may find me to be too… I don’t know…excited! LOL! If you talk to anyone who knows me or has met me, what you see is what you get! I am super passionate.  I get inspired by many things, which when you are focused in a creative genre I think that trait is good to have.  Finding inspiration even when you find it in many things doesn’t come every day, you still can get creatively blocked.  The things in my life that inspire me are: my wonderful girls, music I love music, art in almost any medium, other impassioned positive people, a fantastic movie – normally something that is somewhat melancholic or has a good amount of dark humor, go figure, and generally a good story!

etsy shop spotlight

Where do you create? 

Lucky I have been able to have a space in my home completely dedicated to the shop.  It is so calm, painted a few lovely shades of mauve.  It also has a great big window which looks out to our front lawn where I can see the girls play and in the winter watch the snow fly.

What’s your biggest challenge owning an online store?

Being a shop owner online can be very challenging.  There is so much to do, and for me I get a bit pulled between the business side and the creative side.  Trying to stay balanced is the hardest part.

etsy shop spotlight

How do you promote your store? 

The SariBlue site links to Etsy.  My site is the hub for all my activity.  I utilize each resource for its advantages and try to find resources that slightly overlap but not duplicate. Currently I am only selling my items on Etsy (and Zibbet).


  • Etsy
    • Etsy Ads: I am not super positive about the performance but will try a few more attempts, these are new and need to get the kinks out
    • Etsy features: they highlight certain categories for short goes, very cheap and seem to get some attention
    • Etsy Teams: These are the most useful ways to help get ideas and promote yourself and your shop.  Amazing people and knowledge share!! I have been so lucky to find such supportive friends through the teams! The support and wish to see you succeed is just so nice!!
    • Treasuries:  A total must!!! Not only is it so fun to see what others have created, it truly opens your own creative eye.
  • Twitter: tweet, follow, retweet, do it!
  • Facebook: FAN page and posts , I have used FB ads in the past and may again
  • Pinterest: Which is really fun and I think I will spend more time with this year
  • Blogs:
    • Feature articles
    • Giveaways
    • Ads
  • Badges in trade: I have made super connections with other artists and we trade our badges often to help one another with our shops
  • Website:
    • I write A LOT! I don’t know why but I hesitate to call it blogging.  I write about the history of my interest in the Evil Eye, my family, Turkey, Italians, the events I participate in, the people I know.
  • Local Artisan Fairs: Are a hit or miss, but fun for me to meet people and when they are the right target market have been very successful.
  • Celebrity gifting: I have worked with The Artisan Group and unlike anything else has taught me a lot about my business and helped me in with feeling confident in my craft and myself.

What advice would you give to other Etsy store owners?

I try to hold back in specific advice for other shop owners.  One of the biggest lessons of this past year, for me is that what works for one shop, does not work for another.  HOWEVER!  The basics are always important:

  • Follow good business practices no matter how small your shop may be.
  • Consistent, professional, clear, clean marketing matters.
  • Have pride in your work, love what you do and make.
  • How you present your work matters.
  • Regarding Etsy, keep up with the site changes, make sure you understand them.
  • Follow through with your customers, make sure they are happy.
  • Don’t just create your site or shop and leave it alone.  Update your info as often as it changes!!
  • It is ok to reinvent yourself and your products, but make sure you tell people.
  • Big one here: TAKE REALLY GOOD PICTURES!! And be sure your descriptions are just as clear and exciting


  1. Awesome article.

  2. Thank you so much! I am super lucky to have TAG Teammates like Tara! She is amazing!
    Sari <3

  3. Great feature…and…love your gifts for the GG swag bags…brilliant!

  4. Your packaging is awesome! So happy for the phenomenal success of the Golden Globes team.

    • YES!!! TAG GG Team has done such an amazing job! I cannot wait for the Oscars!!
      So excited to see what everyone will create!
      Thanks so much Susan for stopping by!
      <3 Sari

  5. Great feature! From one Christine to another…
    ~member – TAG

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