SariBlue gifts another A-List Celebrity: Drew Barrymore

Earrings for Drew Barrymore: SariBlue Online Jewelry Shop Designs for A Celebrity!

Wow! Talk about a whirlwind start to 2012! I cannot believe it is the end of March already!! The start to the year has just flown by like the wind……

I hope you saw our post about the Earth Day event that TAG sponsored for an outrageous list of celebrities. The TAG team created eco-friendly gifts which will be delivered to the homes of these celebrities on Earth Day, April 22nd. Have a peak at my post if you have not had a chance: SariBlue Earth Day Post.

On that list of cool eco-conscious celebs was Drew Barrymore. Which among a long list of very exciting people thrilled me! She is someone who I have admired for a longtime. Check out the picture below of the earrings that I designed for Drew.

As a regular Jane, out in the land of film, art, fashion and music lovers we all formulate our opinions and ideas of what people in the limelight MUST be like. In my mind Drew Barrymore MUST be a really cool person, I have seen her over time change and grow up, basically just like me. She has become who she seems to want to be. She is one of those “in the public eye celebrities” that seem to do things her way without over-doing and not with disregard for her lot in life but in spite of it. I admire her fashion style for its quirkiness in the past and her ability to morph into a unique, comfortable, classy woman while maintaining a real person essence.

I am certain you know about Drew’s film career that is easy, she has been in tons of movies, great movies, funny movies, movies that basically anyone of any age (almost) can recognize. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), although you can argue that she was on camera as a baby in ads and small roles, is what launched her career, so the iconic film is attached to her forever.

But, I am sure it somehow may feel something like calling Mark Wahlberg “Marky Mark”, he REALLY doesn’t like it and it basically has no relevance to the current awesomeness of her well-developed career. (*Side note : Super sorry Mr. Wahlberg, total respect)

Some of my favorite Drew movies include: The Wedding Singer (1998), Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998), and Fever Pitch (2005) say what you will, maybe I love the Red Sox focus or that her co-star is Jimmy Fallon, who I really love and that the movie is set in Boston, but you have to give her some sound credit for a good time.

A few things about Drew that are not as well known: she has her own production company Flower Films and her directorial debut was Whip It (2009) which I thought was really solid!

Her most recent directorial glowing success which has oodles of young Hollywood elite appearing in it is a music video for Best Coast of their song Our Deal. It really is more of a mini-film reminiscent of West Side Story (1961) meets The Warriors (1979). It is fantastic!

Rock out and enjoy it here:

Drew is also very involved in many philanthropic ventures and has a great focus about them on her website:

I created a pair of earrings that I really hope she adores. Drew is not someone who lives on Twitter or Facebook like the rest of us, so we may never know, but I am really happy thinking about the fact that she will have a little bit of SariBlue in her collection.

Here are the earrings I made for her, if you see her ask her if she likes her SariBlue earrings:

Ocean Glimmer Earrings for Drew Barrymore by SariBlue

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Ocean Glimmer Earrings

You can purchase these earrings at the Etsy Online Jewelry Store.


  1. Hi Sari!
    I’m gifting Drew Barrymore as well through TAG and I thought this was a wonderful post you wrote about it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Marilenn!
      Thank you for reading the post and your kind comment!
      So happy you will be gifting Drew as well! Yeah for TAG!!!

  2. Congratulations! This is a fantastic opportunity and I think she’ll LOVE the Ocean Glimmer earrings! Great blog post!

    • Hello Betty!
      Thanks so much for your comments!!
      It means so much! I really hope she loves these earrings!
      Sari <3

  3. The earrings for Drew are nothing short of AMAZING!!
    I contributed to the Earth Day presentation too, its so exciting!
    Cheers, Joy


    • JOY!!!!
      The Earth Day gifting is so unbelievable! Your work is really incredible! Please be sure to have a look at Joy’s site, she is super talented!
      Thanks so much for your compliment and stopping over!
      Sari <3

  4. So proud of you friend! I love the earrings. I love how they just cascade down… great way of balancing out the design.
    The colors are divine, I am a huge fan of the blue/green palette.
    Congrats on all the success SariBlue is having! Keep on rockin’ !

    • Citlalli you are just so sweet! Thanks tons for the compliment about the earring design!! I really love blue and green together as well!
      Thank YOU for your continued love and support!!

  5. Congrats, this is amazing for you, and so deserved. The earrings are gorgeous! I love Drew in Charlie’s Angels, kicking some serious butt!! =)

    • Melissa!
      You are very cute!!! Right! There are so many movies!!! I hope you have seen Whip It! You would really like it!!!
      Thank you for your support!!!
      Totally appreciate it!!!

  6. Fantastic blog post!!! I enjoyed learning more about Drew….it seems like only yesterday she starred in E.T. She is a lucky lady to be receiving those gorgeous earrings!! Kudos!
    TAG hug

    • Thank you Carolyn, I am really glad you enjoyed the blog read! It really makes me happy!
      TAG hug right back!

  7. Those earrings for Drew are exquisite!! She’s a lucky lady…I’m sure we’ll be seeing them on her in People magazine!

    • Oh my gosh Alexis!
      Thank you so much! That is such a huge compliment coming from such an amazing designer!
      Thank you very much for your friendship and truly FANTASTIC support, I cannot express how much it means to me!!

  8. Great post , and wonderful eaarings ! congrats my friend ! i ‘m sure that Drew will really love them !

  9. Wonderful post, and the earrings you created are stunning! She will love them.

    • Thank you so much Kathryn!
      Best of luck to you with all your very exciting gifting this season!

  10. How exciting for you! I, too, have really been impressed with how Drew has grown and changed over the years. I know she will be in love with your earrings!!

  11. That is so her.. I can totally see her wearing them.. awesome job.

    • Hena <3
      Thank you so much for stopping by!!
      Thank you for your compliment, I do hope she enjoys them!!
      Best to you!

  12. What an awesome opportunity and such fab earring. Maşallah!!! 🙂

    PS Arg! you’re making me do MATH?

    • R.
      Thank you for the kind thoughts my friend 😀
      LOL yes simple math is nothing for you, you big comedian!
      Always making me smile!
      Love to you!
      Sari ooppss was that 8 or 9 or 17

  13. wow, so cool

    • SHEA!!!
      Hey there!!
      Cool right?!!
      Hey wait until you see the man’s bracelet I made that will be presented at The MTV Movie Awards Event…..
      Did I mention that is what is coming next for SariBlue?


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