Gifting the Talented, Humble and -Yes, It Must Be Said- Amazingly Good Looking Ryan Gosling

Evil Eye Men’s Bracelet for Ryan Gosling: SariBlue Online Jewelry Shop Has Gifted Another Celebrity

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Ho hum… SariBlue online jewelry shop has gifted another celebrity (with an evil eye men’s bracelet), I say with tongue in cheek!! Because let me say, there is nothing mundane about it each time is super thrilling. Now, I don’t like to compare those that I have been lucky enough to gift, it somehow feels like comparing my children, which as a parent (if you are one) you know is simply not right!

But this celebrity is an A+++ Celebrity and qualifies as hot on anyone’s list for Men in Hollywood. He has worked his way up from young TV talent among the ranks of one of my other favorites Justin Timberlake on The Mickey Mouse Club, also with Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears, no shabby group!

His Movie credits have simply grown exponentially over the years in quality. Most women think of his launching off as a real leading heartthrob as The Notebook (2004) with Rachel McAdams, who of course ended up being a major love in his life and more importantly, to date, has also had a fabulous career on screen, in part because the visible dynamic between she and Ryan on screen.

I do have a confession to make, and for the first time I hope that the giftee does not read my post: My big confession and it is huge as a self-professed filmophile and of course woman who is romantic at heart, here it is, prepare yourself and please do not think less of me….. I have never watched The Notebook in its entirety. Don’t get me wrong, ok, ok, the rain kissing scene, sure sexy, romantic and yes could I look at Mr. Gosling under any circumstances, YES! Here is the thing, I need more from a movie, and I am super hard to please in the romance category.

Most times, the “chic-flicks” are not my thing, and so this one just never held my attention, I know go ahead say it: You are strange girl!!! Yes, yes, that is me…. But wait…. Let me finish!

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It sort of bugs me that Ryan; let’s just call him that, it bothers me that Ryan is most well-known for this film because his other films are much better FILMS!

I read a quote of his about acting which I find fascinating, well seriously, anything he says would be fascinating.. But his take on acting and the characters he plays was this: he said that he doesn’t understand when actors say they have “become the character” he feels that all the roles he has had are just a part of his personality. So it is not really a stretch or difficult. I find this a humble approach to what he does.

The best films that Ryan has been in from my perspective are the ones where he has a darker character or a multi-layered character. So in NO order of preference, these are some AWESOME Ryan movies and must see just based on being great overall films:

  • Half Nelson (2006): Gritty and good


  • Murder by Numbers (2002): With a great Sandra Bullock in a serious role, but really is out acted by this young guy… who? Ryan oh right


  • Fracture (2007): This is a fabulous intrigue movie with Anthony Hopkins, a must see film, it is my best friends favorite film


  • Lars and the Real Girl (2007): This movie is just plain strange and may not be for everyone, but he is totally awesome in it, not everyone could play this role and it is mastery to watch


  • Blue Valentine (2010): Far more romantic to me than that other movie. Not to mention, Ryan is the producer, and wrote the music for this fantastic and heartbreaking movie. Showing so many sides of his multi-faceted talents in this one film if you are a fan this is the one movie to watch


  • All Good Things (2010): I have read many reviews of this film that say Ryan does not do his best work, I do not agree. He is fabulous in the movie. He plays a dark and twisted guy married to Kirsten Dunst’s character and she is just superb! A great actor allows their co-actors to shine, which is what happens in this film, he appropriately plays off the light of Dunst’s character where he is the dark. It is a great movie, really well done and he is a huge part of what makes it great


  • Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011): A lot like “chic-flicks” I am SUPER picky about comedies. This movie is solidly funny! Great cast, Emma Stone is a favorite of mine and with Ryan, make this one of the better comedies I have watched in sometime! Hey, and if nothing else the scene where he takes his shirt off is worth the price of the rental.. 😉 (Sorry, I am a girl after all)

Well friends, my intention was not to give you a review of Ryan Gosling Movies, but apparently I could not help myself, after all I love movies, I love to chat and I really think he is a talented guy. I also wanted to chat a bit about his music and band Dead Man’s Bones which much like his acting is really intense and unique. The best places to hear his music for free mind you is here:

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I could go on and on about his other talents: his musicality, his fashion sense, and his interesting childhood of being home-schooled in Canada, of course his love for his dog George, but I do think we can chat another day.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post and checking in on SariBlue.  Have a peek at the evil eye men’s bracelet that I designed for Ryan and if you like it give it a little love. Below is the trinket that I designed for Ryan Gosling’s dog George.

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Bracelet for Ryan Gosling

Trinket for Ryan's dog, George

Trinket for Ryan's dog, George

Visit the Etsy Online Jewelry Shop to see the evil eye men’s bracelet that I designed for Ryan.

I am already excited about the next celebrity that I am gifting and crafting something special for, just wait until you hear who!!

Peace and love,




  1. I loooooooove the bracelet, Sari!!! That lucky Ryan! I bet we’ll be seeing plenty of sightings of him wearing that bracelet….get ready for an avalanche of orders!!! xoxo

    • Hi Alexis!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by the site!
      Glad you like the OM (minus) the G Bracelet! So fun to make, I hope it is his style and he enjoys it!!
      Sari <3

  2. I love it! Love the photos, love the post, love the jewelry…and of course Ryan 🙂

  3. Hello Autumn!
    Thanks for your feedback!!
    Seriously is he terrific? I really love his acting so much, and check out his band’s page his music is as unique as he is!!

    Thanks for your support!

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