SariBlue Interviewed by Apollo Boy Blog

Apollo Boy’s international blog from Istanbul, the bible of lifestyle: Music, Movies, Fashion, Magazines, Interviews… talks with Christine Lorenzo of SariBlue about her handmade fashion jewelry, evil eye jewelry on sale in her new online store, and the power of the evil eye.

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“The following interview actually planed almost months ago. But due to the busy schedule of  Sari Blue’s lovely Christine Lorenzo -and mine- it is only able to be published today. Indeed, without exageration she has a reallly busy plan. Our first conversation actually happened just after the Golden Globes, when we agreed for an interview it was the time for biggest event of the year, the Academy Awards, then it continued MTV Movie Awards and Country Music Awards. And during this short period we have seen Lorenzo’s designs on Jeremy Irons, Amy Poehler, Megan Fox and most importantly one and only – our ultimate style guy- the most enviable Hollywood face Ryan Gosling!”  Read the full article

Handmande fashion jewelry, the power of the evil eye


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