SariBlue® seen on Pretty Little Liars

Some pretty exciting news for SariBlue® thanks to the ever fabulous relationship we have with The Artisan Group®.

Our Sparkle Ox Blood and Gold Earrings were worn on the Season Four Finale of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

We have had some amazing opportunities working with The Artisan Group®; we have been able to submit our designs to quit a few TV Show Stylists for potential use on some pretty fabulous shows. Sometimes with these opportunities patience is really a virtue, it can take some time to hear back if our design was used on the show. These earrings were sent to Pretty Little Liars over two years ago, so seeing them in this year’s finale was such a great surprise!

The earrings were worn in the final scene on the character “Mona” played by actress Janel Parrish.

The earrings are available in our shop and have a matching bracelet and pendant . The set uses our oxblood evil eye beads and Swarovski gold crystals with other gold hued embellishments.

SariBlue Jewelry as seen on Pretty Little Liars

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