Meet Faith Marcus: Jewelry Designer, experienced in fashion, marketing and listening to her own voice

SariBlue’s new series continues today introducing you to Faith Marcus. This lovely jewelry designer catches my eye in many ways. Firstly, she designs some pretty amazing pieces that are unique, well-crafted and simply make you feel special. Secondly, her ability to convey a concise clean message of her personal and professional style is impressive. Faith has had a career working in high-end fashion and now designing for herself.

Faith uses many mediums to share her style, ability to relate beauty across art forms, and great finds in the world of art, fashion and beauty. I call her “Queen of Pinterest”. Her boards and profile on Pinterest are some of the best, most appealing and educational I have seen. She sets up her boards so they all have a gorgeous theme, at the same time really telling the viewers what she is about. Faith has written a number of informational tools regarding the use of social media (specifically Pinterest) to support your artistic endeavors. I am really pleased that she has agreed to be featured here as well as contribute as a guest blogger moving forward. [Read more…]