SariBlue Part of the Indie Elite at The Black Star Boutique

What a great surprise to read this post on The Black Star Boutique’s Blog. Sweet Tina Marie has a very nice style in her writing as well as her shop of whimsical accessories. She has a true appreciation for handmade and indie businesses and I do just adore her! [Read more…]

SariBlue’s Handcrafted Jewelry Nominated for Martha Stewart’s “Made in America Awards”

Such exciting news for SariBlue! Sari has been nominated in Martha Stewart’s “Made in America Awards”. This is a truly amazing honor and very exciting contest!

Martha and the editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine are searching for the rising stars in a new generation of small-business owners. Ten American Makers will be selected. Their work will share the quality, beauty, inspiration, possibility, and creativity embodied by Martha.

One American Maker will be selected and will be given the Audience Choice Award. The winner will be honored at the American Made event in New York City, will appear in Martha Stewart Living magazine, and will receive $10,000 to further his or her business. [Read more…]

SariBlue Featured on Esscentual Alchemy Blog

Thanks to Amanda Feeley of Esscentual Alchemy for her support and fine feature about SariBlue.

Read the article on SariBlue here

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SariBlue Interviewed by Apollo Boy Blog

Apollo Boy’s international blog from Istanbul, the bible of lifestyle: Music, Movies, Fashion, Magazines, Interviews… talks with Christine Lorenzo of SariBlue about her handmade fashion jewelry, evil eye jewelry on sale in her new online store, and the power of the evil eye.

Read the full article here

“The following interview actually planed almost months ago. But due to the busy schedule of  Sari Blue’s lovely Christine Lorenzo -and mine- it is only able to be published today. Indeed, without exageration she has a reallly busy plan. Our first conversation actually happened just after the Golden Globes, when we agreed for an interview it was the time for biggest event of the year, the Academy Awards, then it continued MTV Movie Awards and Country Music Awards. And during this short period we have seen Lorenzo’s designs on Jeremy Irons, Amy Poehler, Megan Fox and most importantly one and only – our ultimate style guy- the most enviable Hollywood face Ryan Gosling!”  Read the full article

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SariBlue to Contribute Special Handmade Gifts from our collection to Celebrity Attendants at The Official 2012 Country Music Awards Gift Lounge

The celebrity gift lounge will take place backstage at the one and only CMA Awards over 3-1/2 days, Monday, October 29, 2012 through Thursday, November 1, 2012 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The lead up to this event is huge, musicians and celebrity presenters will rehearse and prepare for one of the best awards ceremony on TV! While they take their breaks and enjoy this huge event they will be able to meander and enjoy the products and displays of handmade artists.

Invited by The Artisan Group, SariBlue will enjoy another opportunity to bestow specially designed pieces to celebrity attendees, this time at The Official 2012 Country Music Awards.  We are so thrilled to be designing items that will be seen by and gifted to all your favorite country music celebrities. SariBlue will be designing a new line representing the particular themes commonly found in country music while of course keeping in line with our sophisticated and fun designs.  Keep your eyes peeled for our new collection, coming very soon. [Read more…]

Customize Your Product and Make Your Mark

“Finding an untapped niche in this massive worldwide market, at times, seems impossible.  You have to learn to customize so your customers can see that you really want them!”

Read SariBlue’s latest article, Customize Your Product and Make Your Mark, and learn why you must customize, how customizations help a brand expand it’s audience, how customizing has changed marketing, and how you can find ways to customize your own products.

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SariBlue Streamlines Site!

As with all good things…they can be made great.  If you know me even a little I have a drive for continuous improvement in almost everything I do. To that end, we have streamlined your SariBlue shopping experience to be what we hope is simpler and seamless.

Please browse the new and improved site to buy your Handmade Evil Eye SariBlue Jewelry and to read up on all of our latest endeavors and events.

You will still be able to view all the SariBlue News on and now we have a direct link to our SHOP!

Please Celebrate with us during the first full week with our very own shop by using this coupon when you shop on our site SARISHOP12 and receive 10% off your purchase.

If you tweet this post or about the SariBlue Collection and include my twitter handle #@bigandsari I will include a special gift with your purchase!

Perhaps you will have interest in our newly listed Funny Girl Earrings

This is BIG and of course Sari and we thank you so much for your support!

Visit SariBlue at Fall Events in 2012

This summer seems to be flying by! It seems busier than ever! It is an exciting time for us with so many positive things going on for the shop! One of the best things about summer and fall in New England is the fantastic fairs, events and open air markets in many towns!

If you are looking for fun weekend events these are great to add to your calendar! We’d love to hear that you follow SariBlue so when you stop by our booth tell us “There’s Nothing Evil About it” and get a special gift! It is amazing to meet the customers who have been so supportive and new friends who have interest in our handmade jewelry collection. If you have an event that you would like to see SariBlue at please send us a message!

The excitement of preparing for The 2012 CMA Awards as a featured artisan has us super thrilled to share our new collection pieces with our fans even before the likes of Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Little Big Town and Sugarland get their fabulous country music hands on them!

The events this fall will premier our new collection pieces and give you the opportunity to see exact what the country music industry will see come the first weekend in November!

We are happy to be participating in the following events.

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What You Use is Just as Important as What You Make

“As an entrepreneur, creating and establishing a brand can be a slippery slope. You must take into consideration all of the pieces and parts that bring your idea to life.”

Read more of SariBlue’s article What You Use is Just as Important as What You Make

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Finding Your Personal Fashion Icon

SariBlue has a new article on about Finding Your Personal Fashion Icon

“Fashion is such an interesting art form and is perhaps the most difficult art form to define. What is “fashion?” Who decides? Art, as with all things beautiful, is in the eye of the beholder.” Read More