The Path to the Golden Globes is Paved with Shiny Marketing Collateral & Golden Event Guides

By now everyone and their sister knows that my evil eye jewelry will be featured at the upcoming 2012 Golden Globes Gift Lounge event sponsored by The Artisan Group and hosted by GBK Productions at the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on January 13-14, 2012. At least everyone who knows me, stops by my site , Facebook page or sees my obsessive Tweets knows we are on count down!

100 of Anything is A Lot

100 of Anything is A Lot!

I recently wrote a post about my experiences on the prep process for this super exciting event.  I chatted about the weeks of work it takes and the amount of time that goes into this large-scale undertaking.  These are just some of the highlights mentioned:

  • thought and time that goes into the actual piece of art that will be featured at the event;
  • writing and rewriting the information about the shop, the work and myself;
  • decisions for how and what to display the collection piece on;
  • how to give the art to the celebrities attending the event;
  • taking multiple photographs to get one or two that are just right;
  • conscripting the marketing material ensuring that colours, images and text match the idyllic dream of the branding and follows through in its execution;
  • ordering all the materials needed for the artist toil;
  • finally crafting the 100 pieces of the collection;
  • assembling the gift packages flawlessly;
  • safely wrapping and shipping everything to Cali in time for The Fairy Godmother of Artists to put the collection of SariBlue’s work, together with all the other awesome artists work participating in the Golden Globes event into an amazing swag bag full of handmade goodies.

ONE Pendants and SariBlue Stickers

Ah, but there is one thing I did not mention which we must discuss that is super noteworthy: The Magnificent Event Guide.  Who knew I would drool over an art-filled guide.  Or ruminate for hours over my portion of it.

This event guide is created and managed by Valerie Guerrero, founder of The Artisan Group.  Her partner Nikki Cutro plays a huge role in coordinating the event guide as well.  The guide contains all the pertinent information about: the hosts of the event, the artisans who are featured, who are presenting their work, gifting their work in the swag bags, sharing their work with the media in attendance, and participating on all levels.

The development of this guide is like everything else involved in the process for a huge event:

#1 it is a ton of work, #2 it must be perfect, #3 there are a ton of hands involved in gathering the content , #4 it takes massive skill, patience, drive, huge attention to detail, experience and know-how to complete just this “simple” (said with tongue-in-cheek) task and #5 it is a ton of work.

I state this list under a certain amount of educated assumption, having done much smaller event guides and media campaigns or brochures myself.  Additionally, we TAGers (The Artisan Group team members sometimes call one another this) luckily have insight into Valerie’s work ethic and commitment, how seriously she approaches her work.  This understanding is part of what has helped to make this experience so fascinating.

It is important to pick just one piece of the pie that makes up an event like this and really ponder all that goes into the execution.  Imagine these two women managing an event of this caliber and herding the cats that artisans tend to be, while targeting deadlines with the outside world.  Meeting vendors for all their needs, making purchases to put on a classy high-end meet and greet show representing their group.  Honestly, JUST the event guide alone could add up to weeks’ worth of hours…… food for thought…………

If you read my first post about the prep process, you may have chuckled at my neophyte error with the first draft of my bio.  I so carefully crafted the bio using 700 words, rather than 700 characters! What a schmuck! Double bugger! So at the end of the day the 700 characters version was just fine, and a good lesson: read everything 100 times especially when you are excited.

This short Bio was for the Event Guide.  The participating artists have half a page dedicated to their work and a photo of exactly what will be displayed.  The endless photo session of my display vessel con jewelry is nicely printed on the SariBlue page.  The tireless photo shoot of my inanimate object was so worth it! As was the rewrite of the mini-bio, super cool page about me! WOW it looks good!

golden globe sariblue guide page info

SariBlue Event Guide Page with the Bio and Photo of the display for the Golden Globe event

As does every single page in the guide! Seriously, the TAG team is awesomely talented and also very open to help one another with ideas, supporting each other along the road of success and just good fun!

Here is the shiny shiny guide; this link (or alternatively, click on the picture below) allows you to nicely flip through the entire soft copy.

Golden Globe Event Guide

Click This Picture to Browse The 2012 Artisan Group Golden Globes Event Guide

The new banner and branding are now posted on the site and on Etsy as of today.  My business cards, info cards, banners online, stickers for the swag and mailings, online ads anything that has to do with SariBlue now is nicely uniform with the clean round lines of the dark blue, light blue and white evil eye.  The larger placements will hold the taglines and hopefully are very recognizable.

The countdown is really on now, tic tock…..

Big thanks to the TAGers , Val and Nikki.


SariBlue Ad

The New SariBlue Ad

Our New Banner

Our New Banner


  1. Great blog post! And, I really like your new banner. Nice work!

  2. “Fairy Godmother of Artists”, I love it! You’ve done all the work, time for the ride 🙂 Congratulations!

  3. Your new banner rocks!!!!

  4. where can I grab the banner and ad?

  5. Shea, funny you should ask! We have just recently posted the ad on our homepage. If you want the banner let me know I am happy to send it to you in any size! Thanks so much for your support!!
    Sari <3

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