New Additions to our Baby Belly Bell® Collection

We have had an addition to the family, the Baby Belly Bell® family that is! Just in: two new designs ready for your favorite mom-to-be.

The first is “Mother of Dragons Baby Belly Bell®” Maternity Necklace with Pink Agate. [Read more…]

2013 Earth Day Giveaway

Spring is such an exciting time of year with plenty of reasons to celebrate. Here at SariBlue we like to celebrate the change of the season, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and of course Earth Day. Earth Day is a great occasion to focus on the health of our planet.

Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day is observed on April 22 each year. The April 22 date was designated as International Mother Earth Day by a consensus resolution adopted by the United Nations in 2009. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries every year. You can learn more about Earth day on the wiki page (where this info came from) .

There is great information about ways in which Earth Day has impacted all of us globally and how you can support the efforts on The Earth Day Network. They coordinate amazing events and ways to participate in the grassroots effort of A Billion Acts of Green .

This year we celebrate Earth Day with a few of our friends by sharing an eco-friendly giveaway. SariBlue and the shops that are participating in this giveaway are all eco-friendly artisans. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit about these amazing women owned and run small shops and enter the giveaway for a chance to win some truly beautiful items. The rafflecopter has all the info on how to enter and we all appreciate your support. Please feel free to share this with your friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Earth Day Gifting with The Artisan Group

Happy Spring!

SariBlue® has had a very busy winter and is moving quickly into Spring. We are working on our wholesale catalog which includes our expanded Baby Belly Bell™ Collection and are participating in some very cool celebrity gifting opportunities again with the amazing The Artisan Group.

For Earth Day, along with almost 50 other TAG members we will be gifting a cool list of celebrities to celebrate 2013 Earth Day. These celebrities are known for their commitment to being eco-conscious. Check out who will receive the bag full of handmade goodies from TAG: [Read more…]

Customize Your Product and Make Your Mark

“Finding an untapped niche in this massive worldwide market, at times, seems impossible.  You have to learn to customize so your customers can see that you really want them!”

Read SariBlue’s latest article, Customize Your Product and Make Your Mark, and learn why you must customize, how customizations help a brand expand it’s audience, how customizing has changed marketing, and how you can find ways to customize your own products.

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What You Use is Just as Important as What You Make

“As an entrepreneur, creating and establishing a brand can be a slippery slope. You must take into consideration all of the pieces and parts that bring your idea to life.”

Read more of SariBlue’s article What You Use is Just as Important as What You Make

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A Man’s Guide to Buying Jewelry For a Woman

Want to know the do’s and don’ts of jewelry buying for the woman you love?  Read SariBlue’s new article A Man’s Guide to Buying Jewelry for a Woman, published at YourTango.

Your Tango

Finding Your Personal Fashion Icon

SariBlue has a new article on about Finding Your Personal Fashion Icon

“Fashion is such an interesting art form and is perhaps the most difficult art form to define. What is “fashion?” Who decides? Art, as with all things beautiful, is in the eye of the beholder.” Read More

What Does the Jewelry You Wear Really Mean?

SariBlue Evil Eye Bead Bracelet Handmade Jewelry

“Jewelry says a lot more than most people think. It’s fun to know exactly what your fashion statements are saying. Just like a well-designed tattoo, your jewelry is worth a thousand words.” – SariBlue

Read more of SariBlue’s new article, “What Does the Jewelry You Wear Really Mean?

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How to Get Celebrities to Show Off Your Brand

Mr. Jeremy Irons

Another article from Sari discussing the approach to celebrity involvement in a small business:

This article on has been widely shared and viewed within the first day of release. It is really exciting to share some pointers and directions you can take your business.

Keep your eyes open for other articles soon to be published in fabulous online magazines!

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SariBlue Writes a Guest Article: How to Get Your Product In Front of the Right People

Hello Everyone!

SariBlue Gifts Jewelry to Celebreties at the MTV Movie AwardsI hope this mid-June day finds you well! I am so excited for this summer and all that it means. I almost feel like a kid getting out of school, although I am anything but slowing down.  Things here at the SariBlue shop have been almost frenetic.  Between the exciting large scale event that I have just completed: so thrilled to be again part of the amazing GBK’s Gifting lounge, this time to celebrate The 2012 MTV Movie Awards; gifting another very high-end, interesting and cool celebrity, Tyra Banks; crafting a number of one of a kind designs for charity events; designing pieces and gifts to be sold at local brick and mortar shops near my home; and now I am starting to have requests to write a bit about various aspects of business, jewelry, design and just my general experience with the world through some excellent and diverse online publications! [Read more…]