Meet Anthony V: Tattoo Artist, Multi-Media Creator, Canadian, and all around cool cat

Somehow this month, these weeks have gotten away from me, where does the time go here in New England in the fall?

Today I find myself super thankful for being safe, having a roof without trees through it and thinking of everyone hit by the storm that was…..

Our featured artist for the month (well it is the last day of October) is Anthony V. Anthony is someone I have known for YEARS. We met while working together at a strange little place and instantly became friends. His kindness, creativity and humor are like magnets and I was totally drawn to him. We connected in an odd place and time, he is someone I do not see a lot, but think of often.

SO you say, what is his story? What odd place do you know him from?

An rarely known fact about me… and maybe more commonly known fact about Anthony… we worked together at an old New England farm that was transformed into one of US’s first and largest horror theme park: Spookyworld. Anthony was recruited and brought into to help make Spookyworld a truly creepy and fantastic place to scare the pants off of people. He has amazing skills in the artistry of makeup, model making and a great sense of drama. If you ever need a fantastic artist or are seeking an original piece of body art Ant is your man. Let’s see what inspires him: [Read more…]

Meet Faith Marcus: Jewelry Designer, experienced in fashion, marketing and listening to her own voice

SariBlue’s new series continues today introducing you to Faith Marcus. This lovely jewelry designer catches my eye in many ways. Firstly, she designs some pretty amazing pieces that are unique, well-crafted and simply make you feel special. Secondly, her ability to convey a concise clean message of her personal and professional style is impressive. Faith has had a career working in high-end fashion and now designing for herself.

Faith uses many mediums to share her style, ability to relate beauty across art forms, and great finds in the world of art, fashion and beauty. I call her “Queen of Pinterest”. Her boards and profile on Pinterest are some of the best, most appealing and educational I have seen. She sets up her boards so they all have a gorgeous theme, at the same time really telling the viewers what she is about. Faith has written a number of informational tools regarding the use of social media (specifically Pinterest) to support your artistic endeavors. I am really pleased that she has agreed to be featured here as well as contribute as a guest blogger moving forward. [Read more…]

Meet Dr. Alexis Gopal: Creative Entrepreneur, Mother, Designer and Amazing Friend

It is no mistake that Alexis Gopal is our first featured artisan. She has been an amazing support to me and SariBlue. Her willingness to share her infinite knowledge about her business and life experience is invaluable.

Alexis opened her business in 2006, with a huge career change. She was a physician in private practice, working hard and missing out on time with her girls. She made a life-changing decision to leave her practice and start something totally new which allows time with her family and focus on what really matters to her. Alexis had been designing and creative since she was a child, painting, crocheting, and making jewelry. The inspiration for her designs: her daughters and nature.

Her generosity is amazing. Of course she is also a wonderful jewelry designer with an interesting life story. This chapter of her story is filled with great success and we wish her well on her continued journey. [Read more…]

SariBlue Guest Features

Today we launch a new series of features focused on people in the arts, entertainment and fashion world. If you have followed me or SariBlue in any way, you know I am passionate about everything thoughtful, lovely and beautiful and even more passionate about supporting the amazing artisans and designers who share their talent. I am grateful for those who truly add beauty to the world not only with their work but through their kindness, willingness to share openly in their knowledge, ideas and joy in creating.

This series will include spotlight features as well as reoccurring guests who will write about their experience and knowledge. I am eager to share these influential people with you and hope you will enjoy learning more about them, their creative process and fabulous work.