Spylight Spotlight: SariBlue Jewelry on The Vampire Diaries

Many thanks to the team at Spylight for such a lovely article: Spylight Spotlight: SariBlue Jewelry on The Vampire Diaries

“Having one’s artistry featured on a major TV show is a huge coup for a designer. From time to time, we at Spylight like to put a spotlight on these up-and-coming, independent designers, to show the public what it’s like to get a product idea off the ground and onto the small or big screen. Check out our second-ever Spylight Spotlight: SariBlue Jewelry on The Vampire Diaries.” [Read more…]

Elena’s Fire Agate, Sterling Silver & Hematite Earrings Worn by Nina Dobrev on season 6 The Vampire Diaries

Super thrilled our Oxblood Agate, Hematite & Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings were worn by Nina Dobrev’s character Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2 “Yellow Ledbetter”. [Read more…]

Artisan Group Members Gift Celebrity Treats!

“Seen from Los Angeles to New York, Artisan Group Members have have been gifting fun treats for celebs on the TV screen and fashion runways.

SariBlue Evil Eye Creations – There is nothing evil about this jewelry line, however it will protect you from all evil around! Earthy and bohemian, this unique line is eco-friendly and perfect for everyday wear.”
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Boston Designer Takes Fashion Forward SariBlue® Jewelry Line from Hollywood to The Big Apple

Check out the latest SariBlue® press release about our earrings seen in the Pretty Little Liars season four finale and this week’s upcoming 2014 Consumer Products All-Press Gifting Event in New York City taking place on June 18, 2014 where we will introduce our new SariBlue® Lokum Bracelet Collection to magazine, newspaper and online editors, top bloggers and TV, radio and online producers. The colorful, fashion forward bracelets will be part of a collaborative gift bag prepared by California-based The Artisan Group® especially for the event. [Read more…]

SariBlue® seen on Pretty Little Liars

Some pretty exciting news for SariBlue® thanks to the ever fabulous relationship we have with The Artisan Group®.

Our Sparkle Ox Blood and Gold Earrings were worn on the Season Four Finale of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

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Holiday Gifts: Handmade Jewelry from SariBlue

Check out this nice article about SariBlue by Gabrielle Pantera from the Hollywood Daily Star:

http://www.hollywooddailystar.com/2013/12/holiday-gifts-handmade-jewelry-from-sariblue/ [Read more…]

SariBlue Jewelry Reviewed on Winnkstyle

The lovely and talented Katy Winn wrote this fabulous review of one of our newest bracelets the T-Clasp Bracelet from our Leather Collection check out her site and the write up here: http://winnkstyle.tumblr.com/post/62758482736/sariblue-jewelry-sariblue-jewlery-is

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SariBlue Leather Collection for Men and Women

See our latest video of our Leather Collection exciting things happening with this collection this Fall!

Artisan Boston Jewelery SariBlue® Eyes NYC and LA

SariBlue® with The Artisan Group® will be included at two GBK Production events this fall the GBK’s 2013 NY Fashion Week Luxury Lounge and GBK’s 2013 Primetime Emmy’s Gift Lounge in Hollywood CA.

Read the full article on PRWeb: Artisan Boston Jewelery SariBlue® Eyes NYC and LA [Read more…]

SariBlue Handmade Jewelry in the Spotlight at Craftsyble

SariBlue Handmade Jewelry in the Spotlight at CraftsybleCraftsyble blog has SariBlue in the spotlight this month; read on to learn all about the story behind SariBlue, what is SariBlue’s favourite handmade jewelry to make, and exciting future plans!


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