SariBlue Offering Holiday Coupon Code 2014

We want to say a quick hello, happy holidays and THANK YOU for your support this year! It really means the world to us. As a small business every time you come to our shop it helps us to continue creating our jewelry and build our little company.

We love hearing from you and seeing so many of you return to our shop. 2014 has been another exciting year for us, with lots of new additions to our collection and lovely support from you. [Read more…]

SariBlue® Added as a Storenvy Featured Brand

We were pretty excited to learn that SariBlue® was added to the list of Featured Brands on
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SariBlue® expands the Baby Belly Bell™ Collection

SariBlue® loves babies, we love moms, we love families, we love pregnant woman and we really love making meaningful jewelry. Our original Baby Belly Bells™ have been part of pregnancy journeys for hundreds of our customers and their families.

Our design is so unique it has recently been trademarked, and we are really thrilled about this.

Making each Baby Belly Bell™ brings me joy and happiness; sometimes I think I get more excited about sending one to a customer than they do.

I really believe pregnancy, babies, family are life’s biggest gift. It is so important to love every minute of your pregnancy and what better way to celebrate your growing bump than a special piece of jewelry made expressly for you. [Read more…]

SariBlue Streamlines Site!

As with all good things…they can be made great.  If you know me even a little I have a drive for continuous improvement in almost everything I do. To that end, we have streamlined your SariBlue shopping experience to be what we hope is simpler and seamless.

Please browse the new and improved site to buy your Handmade Evil Eye SariBlue Jewelry and to read up on all of our latest endeavors and events.

You will still be able to view all the SariBlue News on and now we have a direct link to our SHOP!

Please Celebrate with us during the first full week with our very own shop by using this coupon when you shop on our site SARISHOP12 and receive 10% off your purchase.

If you tweet this post or about the SariBlue Collection and include my twitter handle #@bigandsari I will include a special gift with your purchase!

Perhaps you will have interest in our newly listed Funny Girl Earrings

This is BIG and of course Sari and we thank you so much for your support!

Amy Poehler Gifted with Original SariBlue Jewelry Creation

As many of you know, I live and run my business outside of Boston.  It is especially exciting to be able to bestow a SariBlue custom creation on the inimitable Amy Poehler who grew up in our own backyard and attended Boston College!  We love hometown girls!  And we love Amy!

As a consummate comedian she has worked in sketch comedy since her days at BC.  She studied her craft at some well known comedic springboards such as Second City, Imrov Olympics and Upright Citizens Brigade in Chicago.  The UCB later moved to New York and became a Comedy Central show for three seasons.  Amy joined SNL after that in 2001.  She is one of only 3 cast members ever to go from featured cast to full cast member in their first year as an SNL player.

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Gifting Tyra Banks with a Custom Jewelry Pendant


I have had the honor and pleasure of bestowing another celebrity with a custom made piece from SariBlue.  Just like you, I don’t know everything about the recipients of our gifts, but when I have the opportunity to send a Sariblue creation to a celebrity, I explore a bit to be able to customize something very special and significant.  When I delved into the life of Tyra Banks, I found out that she is an incredibly successful, prolific woman with more talents and endeavors than I ever realized.

Her story begins with the typical “ugly duckling turned swan” model tale that we’re all so familiar with. But after that, the typical tale turns drastically different.  She had to fight to be accepted as a black model.  Naomi Campbell tried to have her banned from modeling to keep the competition at bay, but despite opposition, she booked an unprecedented 25 shows at her first Paris Fashion Week and proved she was a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.  But what you may not know is that she has continued to be a force in many other arenas.

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Gifting the Talented, Humble and -Yes, It Must Be Said- Amazingly Good Looking Ryan Gosling

Evil Eye Men’s Bracelet for Ryan Gosling: SariBlue Online Jewelry Shop Has Gifted Another Celebrity

online jewelry shop


Ho hum… SariBlue online jewelry shop has gifted another celebrity (with an evil eye men’s bracelet), I say with tongue in cheek!! Because let me say, there is nothing mundane about it each time is super thrilling. Now, I don’t like to compare those that I have been lucky enough to gift, it somehow feels like comparing my children, which as a parent (if you are one) you know is simply not right!
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SariBlue gifts another A-List Celebrity: Drew Barrymore

Earrings for Drew Barrymore: SariBlue Online Jewelry Shop Designs for A Celebrity!

Wow! Talk about a whirlwind start to 2012! I cannot believe it is the end of March already!! The start to the year has just flown by like the wind……

I hope you saw our post about the Earth Day event that TAG sponsored for an outrageous list of celebrities. The TAG team created eco-friendly gifts which will be delivered to the homes of these celebrities on Earth Day, April 22nd. Have a peak at my post if you have not had a chance: SariBlue Earth Day Post.

On that list of cool eco-conscious celebs was Drew Barrymore. Which among a long list of very exciting people thrilled me! She is someone who I have admired for a longtime. Check out the picture below of the earrings that I designed for Drew.
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Earth-Day Green Celebrity Gifting: Sunday April 22, 2012

The Artisan Group has teamed up with a one of their partner PR firms to create specialty gift bags for some of Hollywood’s high-profile environmentally-conscious “A-List Celebrities”. TAG will be gifting eco-friendly, organic, green and socially-conscious products from group members on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

SariBlue is super excited to have our business card included in this gifting opportunity and simply amazed at the celebrities who will be made aware of our shop. SariBlue was included in this opportunity because we fit into the eco-friendly profile of the Earth Day focus.

The SariBlue collection (Sari is pronounced “sutter”, means blonde/blondie/yellow in Turkish) uses exclusive Turkish handmade glass beads which are made using centuries old traditional methods to craft the beads.

This method may be one of the oldest eco-friendly recycling techniques around. Turkish artisans collect recycled glass pieces, mix them with special dyes and melt in their primitive adobe furnaces that burn naturally clean-burning pine logs. They shape the red hot molten glass, fuse colors together and create these amazing beads using only simple hand tools. Every bead fashioned has its own identity, lending every SariBlue piece its own distinctive nature. The collection ties together past and present in a distinctive, modern way. Our shop is very focused on finding other ways to support green efforts as well as supporting charities that are focused on spreading the efforts of sustaining the earth and teaching people to use local resourcing. We happily support The Samburu Project and The Walk for Water on March 25th.
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Appreciation is a True Gift ♥

One of the most thrilling things to happen was Tess Hunt and her adorable boyfriend Josh Sussman, being such big fans of TAG, filmed themselves opening every single gift from all the TAG artisans, including SariBlue! Sweet Ms. Tess put on The “ONE” Pendant and said how much she loved it! She knew right away that it was meant to keep away evil!! It was so exciting! The level of appreciation was so humbling!

This is your chance to see all the gifts that the team created for this event. The unveiling of SariBlue’s item comes around 6:15 of the video, it is a lot of fun to listen to these two love birds enjoy this good bag.