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I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.  Well, I used to have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.  I have mostly gotten over the “hate” part of it.  I am about 90% love at this point; I am focused on being really positive in my life, using tools, interacting with people and the universe in a positive way.  I am certain you can guess the “hate” part of Facebook that comes to mind for everyone.  The bits of life that we don’t necessarily enjoy staring us in the Facebook in our living room or office or getting information from people that we care not to get… but I will not even go into the evils of Facebook.  My father believes it to be the demise of humanity.

Here is one reason I love Facebook.  Jimmy Kimmel has a national “Un-friend Day” which I absolutely think is somehow funny and not so nice all at the same time.  I love Facebook because I have been able to reach out and say hello to some people from the past that otherwise I would have no idea what has become of them.  It is great, you can have a quick hello and make connections that are controlled; I like control.

It has been fantastic.  Truly, I have reconnected with people that are friends I could not live without.  Friends that I have gotten great advice from, friends that I have been able to help, friends that I have been able to say sorry to for things that bothered me for years and friends that I will look forward to seeing at some point in the future.

Yeah, yeah what is your point, move along chatterbox…

So, one of these Facebook friends I just said oh yeah she was so nice so -> “friend request” just sent me a note and we chatted and here it is:

This really nice person (always was and seems to still be) needs our help. She is a friend of mine from college and has been raising money for Haiti.  You remember Haiti; it was completely devastated by an earthquake and still has yet to recover from the massive damage.

The January 2010 earthquake in Haiti was a magnitude 7.0, the epicenter was near the town of Léogâne, approximately 25 km (16 miles) west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital.

Approximately three million people were affected by the earthquake and it is reported that an estimated 316,000 people died, 300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made homeless.

Haiti is also the poorest country in the Western hemisphere so recovery from any massive infrastructure damage is incredibly difficult.

My lovely friend’s husband Claudy is from Léogâne, Haiti, which clearly was all but destroyed in the earthquake.  Claudy and Kristen together with their friend Mark, who is also from Léogâne, right after the earthquake organized on their own and brought down much needed basic supplies for the people in the town and delivered them directly.

It was very difficult the first time, with the devastation and issues with customs and not so stand-up officials, not all the supplies made it to the people who needed them most.

The next trip they had a better plan and more supplies.  These people are just a few families pulling together trying to make a difference for an entire community.  Their plan is to activate their community here in the U.S. which is Ipswich, MA to raise funds and collect items such as shoes, clothes and basic items and go to Haiti two or three times a year to help bring some normalcy and order back to their hometown.

They are working on officially starting a registered non-profit and in the meantime they are hosting their second annual fundraiser on Saturday December 10, 2011.

The Ipswich community has been very supportive and has made great donations for a silent auction as well as a great turn out for the night of the event.  Below is the information about the event and what will take place that night.  If you live in Massachusetts and can attend it should be a really fun night.  If you can make a direct donation please contact the number listed.

If your business can sponsor the event or you would like to make a contribution to the live silent auction they would love your support.  SariBlue will be donating a few items for the auction and if you are able to get me your items I am happy to get them to the event. 781-244-4118 for Claudy Jean-Charles

Below is contribution list so far with additional items added everyday:

  • Bruins Tim Thomas Autographed Framed Photo – $180 value
  • Red Sox Autographed Baseball – Johnny Pesky – $120 value
  • Round of Golf for 4 at Ipswich CC – $500 value
  • Red Sox Tickets – choice of game – $150 value
  • Red Sox vs. Yankees game pack – $600 value
  • 1 hr. Financial Planning Session with NGH Financial – $150 value
  • Hart House Gift Cert – $200 value
  • Wine Basket – $200 value
  • Retro Redheads Christmas Basket – $200 value
  • Website Search Optimization – $500 value
  • 1 Hour Professional Massage – $100 value
  • “Clean Out the Garage” Session (ebay/craigslist consult, organization) – $150 value
  • 1 Hour Massage- $100 value
  • SariBlue Baby Belly Bell – $50 Value
  • 3 month gym membership
  • Canoe rental
  • Gift Certificate To The Organic Clothing Boutique in Ipswich
  • Many Local Restaurant Gift Certificates

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