“Guitars, Cars and Lucky Stars”

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Country Music’s Biggest Night, The 46th Annual CMA Awards are fast approaching and I thank MY “Lucky Stars” that I am involved in another event where celebrities at the top of their game will be recipients of custom designed SariBlue creations.  This event is really cool because all of the musicians have a common thread.

Our past events (Luxury Lounges for The Oscars, The Golden Globes and The MTV Movie Awards) were no doubt super cool and interesting. Actor’s genres and bodies of work can vary so greatly from one professional to the next…but The CMA Awards have stars that are ALL making country music!  And country music has an identity of its own… which led me to create my special “Guitars, Cars and Lucky Stars” collection.

SariBlue CMA Collection

I designed charm bracelets with talismans of luck and love…two strong country music themes (and as LUCK would have it, the premise behind the entire SariBlue line of Evil Eye jewelry) … with other fun charms representing music and country life.   The seven pieces that total the “Guitars, Cars and Lucky Stars” line for men and women share a cohesive, yet subtle, element of American Pride by including red, white and blue in the designs.

SariBlue CMA Earrings SariBlue CMA Blue Bracelet SariBlue CMA Horse Pendant

SariBlue CMA Red Bracelet SariBlue CMA White Beads Bracelet


The charms, which can be customized to your liking, and include dice, a guitar, a horseshoe, a cowboy boot and even a pick-up truck.

I am happy, relieved, THRILLED to say all gift items and my presentation piece has been shipped out to the lovely Valerie and Betty at The Artisan Group so they can add the SariBlue items to the collection of other artisan crafts that will be in the event gift bags. Each bag will include items from 30 other TAG members featured at this event.

Did I mention that for this event we will have presence BEHIND the stage as the performers and stars gear up for the main event?!!?

For three days prior to the actual awards show stars the likes of Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton could be meandering through The Artisan Group lounge. Two of my favorite bands have been nominated this year as well Sugarland and The Civil Wars, so excited to think that these amazing stars could get some swag from SariBlue!

I am a huge fan of country music and especially some of this year’s nominees! What an amazing list of talent. Here is the link to all those who are nominated.

This is a great event to watch and will be shown live on ABC on November 1st



  1. This jewelry is so unique I love the deep blue colors and cute charms.

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